WCPL: A Destination Where All Paths in Hunt for Corporate Financial Solutions End

Arvind Khandelwal & Shashank Agrawal,DirectorsIn this competitive business environment, corporates desire to move fast and hence attention on making the right first step and understanding the long-term consequences becomes imperative more than ever. In this crucial initial stage, Worth Corporate Solutions Private Limited (WCPL) plays the role of the perfect elder brother who helps them achieve sustainable long-term impact. While WCPL works alongside its clients to ensure they realize their strategic visions (whether driving or adapting complex business transformations, emerging technologies or disruptive business models as the new sources of growth & competitive differentiation),clients are left with enough time to focus on routing operational activities.

Its coordination with partners & team (internally & externally)further add value to the company's success rate by offering support services and extending their guidance till the end for smooth progress and timely execution of the project. For instance, WCPL’s financial assistance and plan structure helped Nilshikhaa Infraa to raise debt of about Rs.150 million & became a public company (within two years of its inception). At present, Nilshikhaa is able to book a turnover of about Rs.900 million which is expected to reach around Rs.2000 million in the coming future. “We have assisted the company to undertake assistance from financial
institutions/banks of about Rs. 400 million till date,”asserts Arvind Khandelwal, Director, WCPL.

WCPL is a pioneer financial service provider that undertakes full-fledged service approach to fulfil the clients’financing needs and requirements at different stages of their dynamic business life cycle

Knowing WCPL

Founded in 2000 by a group of experienced Chartered Accountants, WCPL is a pioneer financial service provider that undertakes full-fledged service approach to fulfil the clients’ financing needs and requirements at different stages of their dynamic business life cycle. This Indore-based company also specializes in delivering debt syndication, business consultancy, foreign direct investment, private equity placement, retail loans, solar and wind power consultancy, unsecured loans and many more services. WCPL is best illustrated for providing wide spectrum of corporate services at one-stop, where all paths hunt for corporate solutions end. In partnership with major NBFCs and tie-ups with banks, this Professional Consultancy Company undertakes complete range of services allied with corporate finance and business management.

Fulfilling the Financial Needs

Through its integrated power skills to solve strategic problems, deep functional expertise, service experience, original research (for every project), strong foundations
and robust growth, WCPL has emerged as a leading corporate advisor attaining an edge in providing services at competitive standards. Company is capable of handling international projects (associating with lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of the statutory regulations that prevails in particular countries) and covers the entire gamut of audit services (monitor the effectiveness of internal controls & propose improvement, compliance with laws & regulations, evaluate risk management policies &procedure, HR and many more). Owing to the ethical business practice and transparency in business dealings, the venture has successfully acquired the trust and faith of the clients, leading the company to achieve significant growth and now serves client in India and Laos PDR, Dubai and Singapore.“With our experience in project financing, management consultancy, business analysis and cost structuring, we are able to complete many international assignments as well,” claims Shashank.

Company’s experts are backed-up with MBA degrees and drawn from well-known organizations. To sharpen employees’ wisdom, WCPL organizes various seminars addressed by high ranked officials of financial institutions. With such a dedicated workforce, company has served more than 100 companies and booked total of Rs.30 million as revenue from their services. With the increasing growth, company is expecting to enhance its business size by 30-35 percent and revenue growth to Rs.50 million in the upcoming years.

“We at Worth train ourselves to think constantly, approaching old problems of our clients in a new way and organizing gaps that may not always be apparent. At WCPL finding solutions is everybody’s job.” claims Arvind.