Webi7: Developing Results-oriented Growth Strategies and Continuously Fine-tune your Marketing Campaigns for Best Results

Nikhil Jhunjhunwala & Nishant Jhunjhunwala,Co-FoundersBack then when this company was incepted it was a team of 3 and now they are a team of 40 employees. They began their journey in a co-working space with only two to three clients and today has a huge client base to whom the company provides strong and trending digital marketing strategies.

Established in 2017, Webi7 is a combined set up by a duo Nikhil Jhunjhunwala and Nishant Jhunjhunwala. Webi7 is a digital marketing agency, a trusted collaborator and associate. They build strategies for performance-oriented growth and consistently fine-tune the marketing campaigns for the best results. Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder, Webi7 says, "We focus primarily on digital platform advertisements because that is where the real audience is present.

And comparatively, the budget is much lower in reaching the audiences through conventional methods such as banners, newspaper, radio, and TV, where the interaction and engagement have fallen a lot as for the current time. Therefore, the service we are currently offering includes digital marketing services."
The digital marketing services that are provided by Webi7 are namely Growth Marketing Service, Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, System Integration and Marketing on Social Media, Developing Mobile Apps, Email Marketing and many more on the list. Nishant Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder, Webi7 adds, "We are looking forward to providing businesses with genuine knowledge and ensuring that they can use the power of digital marketing to expand their business.

We are talking to consumers and trying to make them understand what digital marketing is and what possibilities are available. Later, we give them customized digital marketing solutions according to their requirements. Today, in digital marketing there are more than 50 services, henceforth we have to provide such services to the clients that will fit in right with their brand."

Webi7 assists the companies to finalize their digital roadmap and help them in getting better online presence which can lead to good sales for their clients. The main emphasis of the company is to get the best ROI for their clients. In a single line, it can be described as, Webi7 provides results-oriented growth strategy, substantial expertise, and progressive performance history for the start-ups and midsize companies. The USP of Webi7 relies more on providing quality services and make brands grow.

Nikhil asserts, "As per the present day, what appears is sold. Also, the online presence makes people trust the brands, or the product and service. This will allow businesses to develop a sustainable user platform because it has always been the first presentation of what people remember".

Webi7 offers their digital marketing services to some of the prominent companies across the country such as Techno Zappy, Learn Digital academy, Car Caring, 103 Studios, Eagleton Re-sorts and to some of the investors and consultant companies. The company's revenue has been steadily growing every month and with the time it's multiplying every year. In reality, the company has gained most of the client through the word of mouth and have not done any advertising about the company.

In the coming time, Webi7 is aiming to be in the top digital marketing companies of India. Along with that, the organization has planned of stepping into the Media Publications area and to add more services to their catalogue like data science, graphic designing and 3d VFX into video creation. Webi7 was awarded as `Digital Consultant of the Year' in 2018.