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Deepak Chaudhary,Director
Deepak Chaudhary, Director

Success is strictly a subjective affair that people define and achieve in a million different ways. Although, watching people who started from the bottom succeed is quite an inspiration, and in truth, the business realm has always belonged to them. The rationale behind audience loving Chris Gardner of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ a far bit, amidst thousands of other entrepreneurial stories on reel, is no different. The success story of WoodCraft Events & Entertainment, which presently is one of the fastest growing demand generation companies based out of Mumbai, goes in line with this unique equation of emergence and success.

A Beginning that Can’t Get Any Better
Originally started his journey in 1999 with the hat of a freelancer, as early as 16 years of age, Deepak Chaudhary (Director) incepted WoodCraft in 2012 - bootstrapped with a few thousand rupees. He indeed stepped into this creative industry, while waiting for the final results of class 10! The young boy, who fell in love with the profession from his very first bijou outdoor campaign in the outskirts of Varanasi, has become a seasoned professional owing to an overwhelming journey across several big & small demand generation organizations such as Tek Advertising & Management, SOI Live Marketing & Events, HHM Events, and Planman Marcom.

Empowered by the priceless experience & know-how of more than a decade, and across different geographies PAN India, he grew WoodCraft into the one of the well-reputed and well-known BTL event management solution providers in the capital city of Bollywood in a short span of time. Deepak just pursued his happiness, and eventually realized his dream to have a small, bespoke yet passionate & experienced team with a strong creative twist.

Today, WoodCraft with combined experience of 67 years in the events industry, plans & executes out-of-the-box concepts in utmost perfection and has become more than just an event management company. By placing clients and their brand persona at the center of planning process, it conceptualizes & executes multifarious Staged Events & Brand Launches, Corporate Conference & Seminars, Road Shows, Brand Activations, Trade Activations & Promotions, Celebrity Management, and Celebration Events.

“We tell the story of our client’s business, brand and ethos through events in the most effective and penetrating fashion. While the focus lies on great ROI, we ensure going that extra mile to deliver excellence & perfection in every event we execute. Moreover, our end-to-end nature and the several stages of well-coordinated planning with respect to every possibility take the stress away from our clients,” asserts Deepak.

Locking Horns with the Challenges
The biggest challenge for any
aspirant brand in the market is getting precision of the desired outcome like a well-directed movie. This, in fact, is highly influenced by the cost-effectiveness and value for money. But events don’t have retakes like movies. Thus, WoodCraft commences the proceedings by sitting down with the clients and comprehending the objectives of their event in its full volume and with exact coordinates. Alas, challenges and hurdles often show up like a bolt from the blue. Best known for keeping aces in the hole, WoodCraft’s meticulous planning strategy that further strengthens with backup plans A, B & C keeps not only the failure away, but also significantly helps in optimizing the costs and ensuring timely delivery of creative, exciting and ‘spot on’ solutions imbued with artistic strokes - beyond the clients’ expectations and core of satisfaction.

"We tell the story of our client’s business, brand and ethos through events in the most effective and penetrating fashion"

A Unique Approach
“Flawless planning, while also considering the possibilities of unexpected predicaments can improve the outcome of an event from logistics, operational, and functional facets. We make a checklist of each and every stage alongside dividing each and every function among our team with complete responsibility,” adjoins Deepak. Needless to say, he talks about more clarity in execution. In addition, this approach enables WoodCraft to break down demanding herculean projects into several modules, which towards the business end, come together to make a whole that is significantly bigger than just the sum of those parts. The smooth & appreciable conduct of ‘Maharashtrian of the Year’ event stands as an ideal testimony to this.

A few years ago, - a unique online marketplace for Curated Jewelry - met with the tremendous advantages of this approach when they joined hands with WoodCraft to launch their new Website and Mobile App. With the celebrity brand-endorser and special sport association of the brand (VelvetCase), the company had to deliver an experience which is not only mesmerizing, but at the same time unique to the tune of reflecting both Bollywood & Sports elements in the execution. WoodCraft proportionally distributed its teams in both the segments with subdivisions for each function, and hence made the success of the event look effortless. As the event helped VelvetCase gain more momentum, the task of giving them an offline outlook, launching their first retail store, came on WoodCraft's desk. VelvetCase is merely one among hundreds of its satisfied clients.

When it comes to execution and delivery, Deepak’s personal & professional level network of celebrities plays a role as important as WoodCraft’s connectivity over the years that spans across several hotels and different vendors, not to mention its own inventory and production house in Mumbai. It’s not only that this network allows the company to line-up and choose between several-quality, top-level vendors of light, sound and anything &everything that concerns, but also brings plethora of financial benefits for its clients. No wonder WoodCraft has been a preferred destination for clients regardless of thickness of their wallet. “While we over the years have refrained ourselves from marketing, our
clients have become our silent marketers. We have never been in need to conduct any promotional campaign for WoodCraft. This however doesn’t happen with every other company in this industry,” echoes Deepak with sheer confidence in his words.

Creating a Better Future for the Whole Industry
Deepak today reluctantly passes on his knack of doing events to the next generation through onboarding interns from event management institutes like NIEM and NAEMD. The students are exposed into the real world of events by incorporating them in WoodCraft’s planning and action process and team. Hence, students savor hands on experience of all the aforementioned stages and predicaments to become an expert, while they get down to business after graduation. If students get such a detailed training, imagine the way WoodCraft’s core team being trained. This end-to-end training methodology makes them the most recognized in the field of events. “We do not follow any hierarchy as such. It’s ensured that everyone regardless of the age gets the same treatment and experience,” Deepak adds.

"Deepak today reluctantly passes on his knack of doing events to the next generation through onboarding interns from event management institutes like NIEM and NAEMD"

With broad plans to take things to the next level, Deepak & his team are approaching their mission 2020, wherein IT, FMCG & Consumer Durable sectors are the predominant and immediate targets. The company in fact is all set to embrace and expand the operations to these demanding sectors, as the requests are coming in huge numbers. Its penetration-strategies look impeccable, as the focus lies on making the inventory stronger by developing Intellectual Properties (IP), which will bolster aces in the hole. Foreseeing the burgeoning requirements in the segments like IT, FMCG, Consumer Durable and other categories, the company will be doing IP events for the brands as well – manifesting a lucid sign of flexibility. WoodCraft’s vision of professionalism in charting the roads of informative & entertaining events, and giving each & every event a different meaning and identity, will be boon to the IT industry - beyond any reasonable doubt.

Key Management
Deepak Chaudhary, Director
Having churned-out an experience of more than two decades within a young age, Deepak is a passionate event management professional who leads from the front. He is quite flexible in terms of delivery, since he has witnessed and been indulged in both the'analogue and digital'era of events.

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