Woodman: Redefining Innovation by Equipping Automobiles with Smart yet Safe Car Accessories

Rahul Goel,  Director & CEO

Rahul Goel

Director & CEO

According to Zion Market Research report, the global car accessories market is anticipated to record a substantial growth of $529.01 billion by 2022, developing at a CAGR of 6.4 percent. From smart organizers to connected devices, advanced and creative car gadgets are ruling the market and making road trips convenient, enjoyable and much safer than before. In lieu to this growth,the automobile industry is constantly innovating with new technology while several car accessories providers are aggressively monitoring young generations’ demand for vehicle customization.

Tapping this increasing inclination of youth towards automobile accessories, Rahul Goel (Director & CEO)established Woodman in 2001 to adorn every car with modern accessories such as speakers, stereos, sensors and many more. Headquartered in Delhi, Woodman’s primary goal is to deliver overall customer experience, right from product purchase to its utility and lifespan. Also,the company is strategically involved in software development of Android based car stereos to
enable voice control while driving. Unlike others installing car accessories for profits, Woodman indulges in interactive sessions with its customers for creating thorough product understanding and informed usage. “We focus on reaching to the customers and try to make them aware about the latest technologies in the car and how it can benefit them,” states Rahul.

We continuously work on customer feedback to add what is needed and delete which is of no use to customer, so that we can deliver maximum features and keep the cost low

Smart Investment, Safe Experience
There’s no denying that installation of car accessories demands quite an investment and maintenance. With focus on delivering maximum output at minimum cost, Woodman strongly works on customer feedbacks and designs products that are smart, suitable yet cost effective. Rahul affirms, “We focus on giving maximum utility at minimum price. We continuously work on customer feedback to add what is needed and delete which is of no use to customer, so that we can deliver maximum features and keep the cost low”. As a result of this strategy, the company launched WoW stereo within a price range of Rs.5,000-6,000 with features including Bluetooth, HD touch screen, rear camera
connectivity and multicolor LED backlit buttons, amongst other cutting edge attributes.

To ensure quality servicing, Woodman’s team checks every product procured from manufacturers and offers it to the customers only after complete product quality examination. Besides, the company believes in continuous improvement on quality level, features, packaging and customer experience to provide value oriented services to its customers. Thus, Woodman is developing software for car Dash Camera and also working on software for Android based car stereo with key functions navigation, calling, WhatsApp and music, controllable via voice and safe while driving.

Innovations for TechSafe Future
Presently, Woodman offers installation service in over 35 cities and pickup/drop warranty at 5,000+ pin codes along with providing six months to one year warranty on all products. Effectively and efficiently managing strong customer relationships, the company caters to reputed clients like WSR Retail (wholesale subsidiary of Flipkart India), Cloudtail, Appario and Volkswagen (for OEM requirement in car stereo), to name a few.

Recording a steady revenue growth of 25 percent annually, Woodman is determined to amplify its web sales. Additionally, the company is focused to add its share to the automobile industry’s future by developing voice-based products (smart TV and dash cameras) and strengthen roots in e-vehicle and its infrastructure segment.