Xitadel: A Specialty Firm for Critical CAE Technologies

Prakash Krishnaswamy,Founder and CEO

Prakash Krishnaswamy

Founder and CEO

According to a report published by Zion Market Research, the global demand for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) market is valued around USD 3,062 billion in 2015, and the same is expected to reach approximately USD 5,863 million by 2021, growing at a CAGR of slightly above 11.10 percent from 2016 to 2021. This growth reflects an increased reliance on CAE tools across sectors such as the auto motive, aerospace, defense and medical device industries. Prakash “Krish” Krishnaswamy, a technology entrepreneur realized it early on that with explosion of the tech era, there would be an accelerating demand for engineering solution providers to produce products at a cheaper price and less time. With a vision to fulfill this industrial requirement, in 2012, Prakash established Xitadel, a company that is positioned to serve the needs of the CAE industry as it enters NextGen territory. Today, Xitadel has evolved as a specialty company offering advanced best-in-class technologies and expertise to enable companies to benefit from Computer-Aided Engineering.

“The Engineering services sector is an important sector with great growth potentials. The traditional
product development practice of design followed by prototyping and testing before product release is being replaced by Virtual Engineering or CAE, with dramatic reductions time-to-market, accompanied by reduction or elimination of the costs of physical prototyping and testing. While CAE technology is used in practically all industries, Xitadel’s CAE competencies are particularly focused on the Automobile industry which is undergoing massive transformation,” shares Prakash Krishnaswamy, Founder and CEO, Xitadel. SIMULIA, CarSim, Thermo Analytics, are some of the technologies offered by Xitadel. The company also develops Process Automation technology called XTRAC from which it creates process automation tools like Xpress PL which are now in production use in automobile companies. Xpress PL accelerates the modeling of complex plastics components such as doors, instrument panels and others.

Xitadel has evolved as a specialty company offering advanced best-in-class technologies and expertise to enable companies to benefit from Computer- Aided Engineering

Headquartered in Bangalore, Xitadel’s focus on NextGen CAE technology including CAE Process Automation along with talent development, leveraging world class experts is central to the value it creates for its clients.
“Our clients face a lot of pressure to develop their products in highly compressed time frames. They need advanced CAE technologies and also CAE process technologies to achieve their business objectives. At Xitadel, we offer best-in-class technology, worldwide expertise and top talent to enable companies as they absorb NextGen CAE into their product development. Our unique and progressive strategy is to focus on NextGen CAE technology that covers areas like Lightweight Materials, Optimization, Multi physics, CAE Process Automation, Biofidelic Human Body Models, Cloud Computing and many more,” says Krish.

Companies work hard at reducing their product development time and cost, and CAE is the ideal technology to achieve this objective. The pursuit of compressed product development by all industries has led to focus on CAE process automation technology. Keeping up with the competition, the team of experts at Xitadel is continuously evolving and expanding in terms of knowledge and expertise. Throwing light on the future growth plans of the company, Krish says, “Xitadel has achieved 20 percent growth revenue since its inception. In the years to come, we wish to further accelerate our growth rate in India and also enhance our presence in US, Europe and Japan markets. Xitadel’s future road map will continue to be vision-driven and focused on the automobile market, as it strives to maximize value for its client in CAE related technology, expertise and talent.”