Xtracare Logistics: Precision in Every Step of Freight Forwarding

Kanukant Gupta,DirectorThe global freight forwarding industry often has to grapple with challenges brought upon by market uncertainties. Be it the consequences of volatile global economy or due to micro trends varying across countries, freight forwarding companies are required to work around unprecedented and unfavorable conditions. Adept at vanquishing uncertain hiccups in order to deliver cargo worldwide with care & efficiency is Xtracare Logistics.

"A freight forwarding company's primary job is to simplify exceptional scenarios and we are experts at doing so. We have been one of the very few freight forwarding players operating from the Delhi Airport during the ongoing COVID-19 situation," explains Kanukant Gupta, Director, XCLPL.

Counting air freight as its flagship offering, the tenacious firm specializes in rendering sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing, transport and supply chain management services to a plethora of clients. XCLPL is a one stop shop for its clients by catering to their every requirement including duty payment, custom clearance, logistics and last mile delivery. Working with first time or under confident importers, the firm conducts logistics, payments, custom clearance from anywhere in the world. "Our service acts as a bridge and helps importers get comfortable with the importing process. After a few shipments, they gain the confidence to import on their
own, and rely on us for their overall logistics requirements", says Kanukant.

XCLPL has established a strong clientele spread across various industries such as textile, spare parts, machinery, electronics, dental goods, medical equipment and food & beverages among others. A reputed member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), the company has etched a coveted spot in the global freight forwarding industry.

Ensuring Timely & Reliable Delivery
A provider of door to door service to clients, XCLPL has designed an air tight process that ensures timely and reliable delivery of all cargo. With regards to air shipment, the firm coordinates with the client and shares a photo of the seal when the cargo is loaded on the vehicle. Armed with an in-house custom clearance department, XCLPL stays one step ahead throughout the delivery process in order to ensure timely delivery. Each team stays updated with the exact status of the shipment and required documentation is completed beforehand. When a shipment is about to get cleared, the transport is planned in advance and the team confirms the client's desired time & location for the delivery. The requisite steps for the entire process are planned in advance as the company is a firm believer of timely delivery and there is absolutely no room for delay.

For clients with more than 4-5 shipments at a point of time, we provide a DSR, i.e. a consolidated tracking sheet for each shipment

XCLPL has also put in place various checkpoints for quality checks through its shipment process. Clients receive regular updates at every checkpoint pertaining to the whereabouts of their cargo. "For clients with more than 4-5 shipments at a point of time, we provide a DSR, i.e. a consolidated tracking sheet for each shipment," adds Kanukant.

Move towards Digitization
With the entire world moving online, XCLPL intends to match strides with the clients' requirements and is thus on the cusp of launching a new digital platform. The highly user friendly B2C platform is aimed at empowering e-commerce players and new importers & exporters to join the trade without hesitation. "Given the presence of similar platforms in the market that cater to exporters, our platform will majorly focus on imports for India," expounds Kanukant. With a global agent network, the company operates from their office locations in Gurugram and Ahmedabad. XCLPL also intends to mark its presence across tier 2 cities located close to ports.