Zebronics: Purveying Easy-on-the-pocket CCTV cameras

Sandeep Doshi,DirectorMet with the demand that it creates better security surveillance and deploys a cost-effective strategy for crime prevention, CCTV systems have started to appear at poles and corners of buildings making it hard for anyone to fool its lens. As CCTV systems started hitting the market at a relatively cheap price from the past, it has become a necessity than a luxury. Foreseeing the future of CCTV usage where it would be deemed as a need, and to make this technology more accessible for people, Zebronics takes a gamble for developing products that are adept on technology and design. The company based out of Chennai entered surveillance segment in February 2015 with a complete range of CCTV solutions for analog, HDCVI, AHD, and IP.

Over the years a wide range of security applications has mushroomed in the surveillance technology domain. In the featured products of Zebronics, a range of video door-phones having 4.3" to 7" screen size, with touch feature and latest Wi-Fi & RF video door-phones, are availed for customers. The R&D division of the company has developed the first ever Micro Load Sense UPS which initiates the surveillance
segment. Having a user-friendly mobile app for readily accessible surveillance for the customers, the company also considers starlight camera, motorized camera, and fisheye camera as the bellwethers for the current surveillance camera market. One of the prime components that differs Zebronics from its competitors is the inclusion of apps and the surveillance system under a single brand. Moreover, the company possesses more than 128 service centres with a dedicated toll-free number for any technical assistance. "Zebronics is very particular when it comes to the USP or our `EQR Mantra' -excellence, quality, and reliability, along with strict procedures to keep our product quality in check", states Sandeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics.

Zebronics has been providing CCTV solutions to upcoming smart city programs initiated by the Government of India and for defence as well

A lot of trends and technological innovations driven by digitalization are dynamically altering the CCTV market. The cameras and DVRs have become high definition, acquiring plethora of storage space and bandwidth. To combat this problem, Zebronics has introduced H.265 compression solutions that reduce the bit rate nearly to 50 percent while maintaining the video quality. The star vision camera is a game-changer in the night & low light surveillance camera realm by providing colour video, regardless of lighting conditions. It enables round the clock high-quality day view video surveillance. The company has plans to launch a new DVR range with USB modem for customers in remote locations despite the challenges pertaining the installation and service requirements. All of Zebronics surveillance products are BIS certified (Bureau of Indian Standards) for the quality, safety and reliability it assures for the customer. Soon, home automation products and new products like DVR with Wi-Fi, PoE switches will see its dawn in the list of products offered by the company. A thorough testing for the quality of the product across various levels is performed before it is approved for sales. Zebronics has been providing CCTV solutions to upcoming smart city programs initiated by the Government of India and for defence as well. True to the tagline `Always Ahead', the company has started paving its way towards the future by launching products that cater to the niche segment.