Zenith Technologies: Quadrupling Enterprise Performance through its Pharma & Life Science Technology Elixirs

Brendan O'Regan,Founder & Executive Chairman

Brendan O'Regan

Founder & Executive Chairman

There was a huge dismay among life science companies who faced unique set of challenges relating to compliance and productivity until technology came to their rescue to improve operational effectiveness, helping companies to be both compliant and competitive. "Has any one ever heard of a brand new biotech building starting up without any significant automation problems? Probably not, because it is very rare in our industry to accomplish such a thing, but Zenith Technologies did it".says Brendan O’Regan,Founder & Executive Chairman, Zenith Technologies.

Perhaps this endorsement from an elated customer validates in itself for the quadrupling essence of Zenith Technologies - a leading global technology company dedicated to delivering manufacturing performance improvements through automation, process control and MES to the life science market.With its growing suite of innovative products and services, Zenith today boasts an enviable customer base, working repeatedly with nine out of the top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally.
Since its inception in 1998 in Ireland, Zenith set out to become world leaders in delivering manufacturing software systems that make businesses compliant and competitive. The target was indeed a daunting feat to achieve, but the company was catapulted to the higher end of the spectrum and has been successfully serving large multinational life science companies for some time.Today,with 14 offices world wide -local to significant life sciences manufacturing locations - the company stands as a trusted advisor amongst its present and potential clients alike, owing to its unique scale and expertise.

Zenith set out to become a world leader in Delivering manufacturing software systems that make businesses compliant and competitive

Driving the Innovation Wave

Driven by the proven craftsmanship of Brendan O'Regan, Founder & Executive Chairman and his lead team, the ISO 9001:2008 certified company keeps quality as its paramount axiom and is highly recognized through its automation and workflow solutions that manage and control manufacturing plants to improve operational effectiveness. "We support customers through out the entire manufacturing life cycle, right from shop to enterprise resource planning(ERP) integration, including initial consultation, turnkey
implementation, commissioning and validation services, training and sustaining support through services," explains Brendan.

In addition to 'Incident Control Room', which effectively caters to the needs of incident and crisis management, the portfolio includes data integrity, serialization and regulatory compliance services. Taking a vendor-independent approach means that the company focuses on the best solution to meet individual customer needs.ZT Learning also offers online, classroom and blended learning solutions to customers.

With an ambitious team of engineering and IT professionals, Zenith prides itself on its global knowledge base and 5000+ man years of domain experience. "We attract and develop the brightest and best talent in the sector, which allows us to aggressively progress our agenda of delivering enterprise performance, customer value, innovation and operational excellence," says Brendan.

Zenith initiated its Indian voyage with Pune in 2008, and currently fields a team of 70 engineers who support remote engineering and operations in the country. Eying at aggressive growth in India which would back its global as well as Indian customers, the company has architected a defined five-year growth plan. Driven by a continual focus on the future, the self-funded company is currently exploring a new Business Introduction Program to enhance its existing portfolio with new technologies, products and services.