Zenmon: Standing Strongly With The 'Plastic Free India' Mission

Rajib Chakraborty, ProprietorG'o Green’ ­ the slogan has been consciously gaining momentum since it was first called-out. Not just among the masses, but this has also brought a revolution in the industries that are consciously made aware about their responsibility towards the environment and are moving towards sustainable and environment-friendly solutions to support the cause. There are several companies engaged in providing cost-effective Green solutions for preserving mother nature, and Zenmon is one of them. Established recently in 2020, Zenmon is a sole proprietorship startup company that manufactures, supplies and exports paper bags, twisted paper rope and twisted paper rope handle.

The Environment Needs to Breathe Too
Zenmon realizes its greater responsibility towards the environment and believes that it is a moral obligation of every business to care for the environment too. While industrialization is an important aspect to support the rising economy, companies can also maintain their pace with sustainable solutions with less stress on the nature. The environment needs to breathe freely too.

The use of plastic has raised greater threats

to the environment. Being non-biodegradable in nature, plastic must be replaced with other environment-friendly alternatives. Plastic bags are widely used in our day-to-day lives, and these can be easily replaced with paper bags that cause no harm to the environment. The environmental minister stated that ‘Doing away with single use plastic by 2022 will be clean India mission Part-2'. Zenmon thus stands by the mission while contributing its bit towards the environment.

From manufacturing till the finished product, the company uses biodegradable materials that are reusable and recyclable. It is using the latest technologies in the manufacturing process to deliver the best quality products. The experienced and talented staff at the company ensure that no aspect of the product quality is compromised at any stage of production or delivery.

From manufacturing till the finished product, Zenmon uses biodegradable materials that are reusable and recyclable

The Indian Market Needs More Such Companies for Sustainable Solutions
The Indian market needs to move from the use of plastic to the use of paper bags for longer run. From time to time, there has been bans on plastic bags, but the sad reality is that the law imposition is comparatively weaker. The Indian market thus has fewer demands for paper bags than the other nations, and Zenmon wishes to expand its business abroad too. There are many such companies in India that are engaged in manufacturing ecofriendly products that are alternatives to the plastic products, but there is still a long way to go till these completely replace plastic. We need more such companies that engage into such alternatives for a better tomorrow.

On the business front, the company stands by its philosophy‘Be ambitious, set targets, make goals and try to achieve it as much as possible'. Being a startup company, there hasn't been much milestones achieved. Although, when it comes to fulfilling its social responsibility and contributing towards a broader perspective of a clean and healthy environment for generations to come, the company gains deeper satisfaction with what it does.