Zeppelin System: Providing Innovative Solutions to Unique Problems

Gaurang Joshipura,Managing Director

Gaurang Joshipura

Managing Director

Almost every industry in the world is witnessing a tremendous transformation. With the competition growing in-tense with time, the industries need to evolve at a faster pace to keep up with the change. The following result of these changes is the intense pressure to capture a larger segment of the market while making high return on investments. Taking this into consideration, the businesses today are looking for industry dedicated engineering service providers to reduce their operation costs and enhance their profit margins. With a vision to address these industrial requirements, ESCC division of Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1989 to provide high quality engineering design services to its clients in the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizers, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and other process industries in the areas of process design and basic engineering, detail engineering, Industrial Safety management, site services and special projects.

From Concept to Commissioning and Beyond

Headquartered in Vadodara,
Zeppelin Systems is a one-stop engineering solution for small to large projects.“Today the latest trend in process industry is Process Plant Automation. Constructing a new plant or expanding an existing setup is a very complex process. All aspects must be taken into consideration prior to making any investment. Planning processes should also be designed in a cost and time effective manner. At Zeppelin Systems, we provide the entire engineering plus procurement support along with supervision for installation and commissioning. So, during the entire project life cycle, we ensure that our customers receive optimum engineering and project management services right from concept to commissioning,” speaks Gaurang Joshipura, Managing Director at Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Zeppelin Systems has survived the competition and is incredibly providing a good technical backup equivalent of bigger companies, at an optimal price

Zeppelin Systems India largely vests its focus on offering engineering consultancy to Greenfield as well as Brownfield projects in process engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial safety and site services. The company is very well placed to be able to provide the services which are equivalent to any high-end service provider. While the
Brownfield projects are a price sensitive segment, Zeppelin Systems has survived the competition and is incredibly providing a good technical backup equivalent of bigger companies but at an optimal price and this is where the company sees a good growth opportunity for itself. Energy efficiency and cost optimized solutions are the major challenges that most clients come up with. But with its vast experience and global experience, Zeppelin Systems has provided the right solutions. This is the reason why most of its clients return back for their new requirements.

Having their operations in India and being a part of large Global network, Zeppelin Systems India nurtures an employee arsenal of 110 enthusiasts, who have been instrumental in delivering transformational values to clients in Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Power, Chemical and Pharma industries. These include IOCL, GACL, GSFC, GNFC, Reliance, Nirma and a host of Indian and overseas clients. Discussing about the growth and future of Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Gaurang says, “In the past 4 to 5 years we have grown at around seven and a half percent a year’s average growth and we expect this to continue reaching up to 10 to 12 percent in near future. We have also recorded 22 to 25 percent growth in process engineering over the last years. All our implementations have been very successful and in the years to come we are all set to multiply our growth figures.”