Z-Power Impex: A Reliable Name Emphasizing on Environment-Friendly Products

Rakesh Gupta,Managing Director

Rakesh Gupta

Managing Director

With an ethical and highly principled lifestyle, Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Managing Director of Z-Power Impex has been able to continue his family's two-generation old power management solution business by adopting modern style and values. The business started at the time of early independence when father of Mr. RK Gupta was lending batteries for power backup applications and for other social events. What started with battery trading and battery component assemble business is now a well-established brand as Z-Power currently is the leading supplier of batteries for inverter, cars, motorcycle & industrial segment from Chandigarh, Punjab.

"I would say that there were simpler challenges in 80s and 90s as there were not many competitors and this business used to be largely a monopoly business. But when we turned into a recognized brand in Punjab in 90s and later across India in post-2000, we started facing complex challenges. Handling every customer with utter precision and resolving their problems timely, Z-Power Impex has overcome many issues like taxation, reduced profit margin, increased operational cost, high cost of raw materials, investment cost and interest, and has adopted them in this faster technological advancement. I believe that in order to achieve anything prolific, there is sincere hardship involved. Still, with every new sunrise, we strive to perform better and better," says Rakesh Gupta, MD, Z-Power Impex.

A Range of Efficient Products
Ever since we started with power backup
application batteries, our company is totally concentrated on its market demand and is molding the service according to it. We started with dry charged automotive battery, later added wet charged automotive batteries & tubular solar batteries for power backup application, and now we have Maintenance Free Automotive Batteries with industry best technology & materials" states Rakesh. Z-Power Impex is also selling motorcycle batteries, VRLA batteries, and apart from serving the commercial industry, it has made its way into defense and telecom industry as well.

Z-Power Impex has 2.5 times growth in exports every year and domestically it is focusing more to increase customer base with new micro area level to increase market share

Providing applicable, low-priced and power proposition power management solutions, Z-Power Impex has in-house developed methodology for understanding and responding to customers' requirements. They win the customer's trust because of their product performances and alluring after-sales services. "Besides exclusive service, reliability in our product and overall business transaction plays a major role in retaining the customers. Moreover, we offer technologically advanced products and the product's quality and performance does the rest. Customers themselves recommend others doing business with us. Due to this, we have been able to extend our business network in other states and countries," explains Rakesh.

Expanding its Market Across International Arena
Now located in Zirakpur, Punjab and started in 1977, Z-Power Impex believes in continual growth instead of continuous growth. They started expanding PAN India in 2000s and it was finally in 2008 when Z-Power Impex started its global exports with Africa and today, the company has made exports to more than 32 countries. Through their channel partners, they have served American Army base in Qatar, United Nations in Kenya & South Africa, Nissan ­ Japan Corporation (GCC), Qatar Telecom in Qatar, Government of Iraq, Saudi Army in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Light Aircraft Manufacturing Co. in Australia.

Z-Power Impex has 2.5 times growth in exports every year and domestically its focusing more to increase customer base with new micro area level to increase market share. Keeping their morals high, Z-Power Impex focuses on maintaining human relations with its national and international clients. They won Bhartiya Vikas Ratna Award in 2007 and subsequently became members of the Chamber of Commerce, India; Engineering Export Promotional Council of India; and Federation of Indian Export Organization. "Now, we are exploring the future of battery technology with lithium-ion experimentation. We are on the verge of launching lithium-ion batteries for the solar and deep cycle applications and offer best solutions," concludes Rakesh.