The Need Of The Hour: Don't Just Survive, Exceed Expectations

By Manish Malik, CEO India, Freight SystemsFSL is an International Freight Forwarding Company offering a multitude of services to meet business needs. The firm has customers in over 30 countries around the world to manage the day to day logistic needs.

Today the significance of the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry is considered to be one of the most growth-driven sectors in the country. India aims to be in the top 5 logistics markets in the world by 2025.

With this rapid development in the Supply Chain sec-tor and growing competition, the time is to exceed expectations that are going beyond the next level. Acquiring new customers, driving revenue and improving customer experience in a competitive market is the need of the Hour. Every organization today needs a Business Intelligence team to concentrate strictly on customer's behaviors and actions, for both past and future information.

Further to this as we move in an era of razor-thin mar-gins and rising operational costs; to stay competitive we must keep pace with technological advancements. The e-commerce industry has today changed the complete supply chain market and is the driving force in the consumer market, creating new customer expectations that ask to stretch Supply chain capabilities. We can say Logistics is now in the early stage of an evolutionary leap driven by technological changes. Automated guided vehicles and Automated mobile robots, use of Drones aren't new and there is a constant pressure coming to improve productivity with less human intervention i.e. leading to the adoption of robotic -centric solutions.

Day by Day, hour and hour the industry is moving to get innovative systems in place to improve efficiency, ac-curacy and avoid manual errors. Supply Chain Industry need to adopt "Innovate or Die" to exceed consumer expectations. In this urgent quest to accelerate faster, time is to take greater risks looking into such bleeding edge technologies and above all the right investments and willingness to try and create awareness towards customer-centricity.

Further to add on Supply chains must now focus on also to converge their foundational capabilities, with new and emerging digital strategies in order to not only compete but also prosper and grow in the rapidly evolving era. The old traditional practices need to be re-placed or redefined as the very way daily tasks are conducted need to be completely transformed with growing customer expectations.

Time is to take big leaps in Innovation, Best industry practices, Business Intelligence, leading technology Digitalization not to be in the rat race or survival but to surprise the end customer and exceed expectations.