'Staying' Connected With 'Smart' Homes

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Gone are the days when smart homes were a distant dream. Thanks to tech innovators who are bringing new advancements like AI, ML, and IoT every now and then to our lives, and enabling us to work smarter, not harder. Just look around and you will realize that you are already a part of the smart home universe.

Today, we are surrounded by so many smart tools at home, for instance, today's smart TVs can be connected to other smart home appliances like washing machine, air conditioner, or refrigerator, and controlled through a single platform.

Another example would be the hands-free voice feature of smart TVs that enable us to search and discover our favorite TV content using simple voice commands, instead of a traditional remote. The emergence of these technologies and the way they are simplifying various functions are enough to imagine their potential in transforming our lives.

Smart homes are way beyond the traditional lock and key architecture. It comes with a mix of physical security as well as cybersecurity

If you observe closely, smart home technologies seem to be simplifying our lives from four aspects: control, comfort, security, and health.

Cool Control
When speaking of smart homes, most people think of them from an accessibility standpoint. A technology that allows us to operate things without being present physically. For instance, with remote access, we can do video surveillance of our home and check whether everything is fine.

Moving on to an advanced level, imagine yourself switching off home lights from your office. Similarly, you can set a timer or command your smart AC to switch on and start cooling your home just before you reach there after a tiring day at the office. In fact, the market already has smart lights that can automatically switch off when inadvertently put open or when not being used.
Conveniently Comfortable
When you have the power to control most of your home devices using an app or voice commands, it naturally adds additional comfort to your life. All you need to do is learn how to use the app and have a strong internet infrastructure at home. In short, a smart home will understand your choices and serve you accordingly.

For instance, robotic vacuum cleaners can detect unclean surfaces in real-time, and clean them with added efficiency. Likewise, picture your fridge notifying you about which vegetables are left and which needs to be refilled or purchased. This brings us to the final aspect of smart homes, that is, security.

Safely Secure
Smart homes are way beyond the traditional lock and key architecture. It comes with a mix of physical security as well as cybersecurity. Owing to the evolving threat landscape, technology players are focusing more on enhancing the existing security levels of devices to ensure that people live in a safe and secure environment. For instance, smart security locks offer features such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, recorders, and video cameras, giving the owner real-time information on the security status of their house.

Happily Healthy
Smart gadgets also improve our lives by ensuring that we follow a good diet, by recommending various cooking recipes, and even create nutritional plans. For instance, a smart refrigerator comes equipped with intelligent cooking applications that can guide users on preparing personalized recipes based on their tastes and preferences. It's more like a digital cooking session conducted by the refrigerator, only for you. Moreover, imagine if it can interact with other home appliances such as a smart microwave, enabling you to preheat food remotely so that it's ready to eat after you reach home.

Final word
On one hand, a connected smart home experience shows the ease of usage, automation, and multi-tasking, all at the same time; and on the other, these smart devices also ensure energy efficiency and helps users save power overheads. Not only this, but a smart home can also enable users to plan and host parties in a much-coordinated manner, where machines can do the work for you, helping you make special occasions perfect for everyone. A smart home can take care of all the basic amenities, and ensure that your home setup is synced with your family needs and preferences. Simply put, it can be your wingman who always listens to you and makes every effort to uplift your mood. smart and connected homes are no longer elitist, there is democratization that is making it much more a thing of today and the immediate future.