The Superfood Way: Embracing The Change In Food-Habits

Jeetu Melwani, Founder & Director, Sattvic FoodsSattvic Foods is one of India’s best manufacturers of Superfoods specializing in gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods, which come in variable sizes at discounted prices

In the present times, healthy eating and healthy living have taken the world by storm. Health conscious people are constantly on an effort to make a good food choice and consume food that benefits their health and helps them in staying fit. No wonder, that the Indian organic food and superfoods market has grown multi-folds in recent years.

India has always been a superpower when it comes to superfoods. In contrary, on a global level, the U.S. accounts for approximately 30 percent of superfoods, followed by Australia and Germany. The popularity of ‘super’ products is clear as food and drink manufacturers globally are tapping into a demand for these nutritionally dense ingredients. But superfoods are not only limited to food and drink, but they are also regularly springing up in the beauty, health and hygiene.

Jeetu Melwani while staying abroad came across a lot of superfoods such as Quinao and others. Back home, he searched for those products but was unable to find them. Having a craze for the exotic items, I decided to come up with gluten-free products. And, the gluten product market being a primary one, it soon became Sattvic Foods speciality.

Internet-Holding the Customers Attention
In today’s world, the internet plays an important role in the growth of any industry. Same was in the case of
Sattvic Foods foray into the superfoods spectrum. To promote the superfoods, the company invested heavily on an online platform, such as in SEO, invested in brand building and so on. It not only created a unique product portfolio, which attracted people to its website, in fact, made them purchase. That is the power of the internet!

Sattvic Foods's product has a unique benefit like products for fibre, additional energy, low carb diet and more

From the product perspective, not every product is the same. Each one comes with a unique benefit. Concerned with the increased awareness of Gluten-free products these days a lot of wheat products are being modified. So whatever one gets in the shelves of a store, the wheat containing in that is not an original grain, it is the form of Genetically Modified Grain of wheat. The company’s product has a unique benefit like products for fibre, additional energy, low carb diet and more.

There has been a lot of buzz going around Quinao and Chia Seeds. People try to avail them, but cannot because they lag in product availability. The company began searching for people who were exporting Quinao from the past ten years from India. It connected with them and encouraged them to sell in the domestic market.

Technology as the Key
The company took the risk, built a market for those products. With the application of technology, it built the product portfolios and targeted customers. Selling directly from the websites and company began to ship to every nook and corner, covering a major destination. Moreover, our strong return polices and product quality had ensured the trust among the buyers.

Being in the nascent stage, our focus is more on the product and ingredients part. We are trying to foray in more categories such as chocolate, gluten-free cookies and more. Also, the company strives to bring in the state-of-the-art infrastructure such as cold storage to make the products run for a longer duration.

Nutrition & Fitness Industry The Plunge
With the growing awareness and globalization, Indian consumers are looking for foods that provide extra benefits beyond meeting the basic nutritional needs. That directly implies their interest in health and naturally staying fit. These products will not only give the missing factor but add more to their life. But our main concern here is how to maintain a market hold and then go ahead, with other aspects.