4K LED SMART SCREENS Oddly Replacing Multiple Screens At Indian Households

By Jagdishraj Purohit, Founder, Cloudwalk With several years of experience in various business verticals, Jagdish has now embarked into the technology segment by venturing Cloudwalk

Consuming television has evolved drastically in the past few years. Viewers are no longer restricted to cable TV with programme schedules approved by the broadcasters to watch their favourite shows. They can now use any streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar or some thing else without replacing the content by Cable/DTH. Technology has indeed transformed Smart TV into an ideal multi device experience for the audience.

However, with almost everyone today spending a major chunk of their time juggling with multiple devices at home, be it for entertainment, professional work, fulfilling kids' entertainment or schoolwork, Smart TVs clearly don't suffice all needs. They are only limited to fulfilling the need for entertainment. Identifying these fast changing consumer needs in the Indian household across multiple devices and usage at home, SMART SCREENS have emerged as a break through in smart TV innovation. These multitasking 4K LED Screens for home entertainment are coupled with home computing, childsafe entertainment and learning on a single screen.

For an average Indian middle class family with kids, it becomes a financial burden to purchase separate digital devices for the adults and their kids to do their school projects or computer based homework tasks. Moreover parents are constantly worried about the kind of entertainment their children would come across on today's smart devices and streaming apps on smart TVs, mobile phones or tablets. The revolutionary SMART SCREEN puts all the fears of the parents to rest with its Child safe content for entertainment, which comes with password protection, doubling up as a safe entertainment and learning device for the kids. Parents can also use these SMART SCREENS to help the children with their school work, projects or research and alternatively use them for their own personal entertainment or work and shopping needs by transforming the screen to an in-built Personal Computer that comes along with a wireless keyboard & mouse.
1. Holistic Entertainment In 4K UHD
An all-in-one, multitasking screen enables seamless home entertainment for an entire family on just one device. Users can play & watch their favourite content from the internet, smartphones DVD/Bluray players, hard drives, pen drives and can also connect their gaming consoles & more. They can also stay updated to the current affairs through live streaming their favourite news channels, available from popular Android Apps directly from the home screen. Nevertheless, users can stream content from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime video and can play their choice of digital content from certified Android Apps like Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, Voot SunNXT, JioCinema, Eros Now, ALTBalaji, Hungama Play & more. This eliminates the woes of shuffling through multiple devices at home.

4K LED SMART SCREENS categorically have the potential to be the ‘next-big thing’ in the world of big screens

2.Personal Computing At Home Made Easy
The SMART SCREENS come with a built in Personal Computer mode which is fully equipped to enable its users to work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. They can effortlessly create and edit compatible documents, presentations, and worksheets with access to office suite browse the web; access their emails, shop online or even help their kids learn and complete their projects. They can even take remote access from any PC and wire lessly connect devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones to the SMART SCREEN for seamless productivity besides making video calls with a compatible webcam. So, whether you want to reply to an important email without missing your favourite cricket or simply want to indulge in grocery shopping on the big screen a SMART SCREEN can get it all done on a single device.

3.Keeping The Kids Safe
Children and technology sometimes do not go well together. Be it about the inappropriate content available on the internet or kids’inability to treat expensive devices with care parents are usually afraid of giving them access to digital devices. But that should not stop them from letting them watch their favourite shows on the digital screens. SMART SCREENS solve one of these major fears of parents through their child safe mode that eliminates any possibility of getting the kids exposed to uncensored content. Equipped with a password to exit the mode, such screens also offer curated content for kids covering cartoons, movies, learning & exploration DIY, education & more from various content platforms that perfectly combines entertainment learning and engagement.

Predictions about the elimination of TV occur once in every decade, but it simply continues to evolve. Today, television is in the middle of a substantial evolution with the dawn of SMART SCREENS and the way they are transforming the way people are consuming content. Their state-of-the-art technology and expertise to specially curate content with content partners are making it easier for the Indian consumer to switch between entertainment, work, play and an array of daily tasks without compromising on the factors of quality and engagement. Such screens are integrating the use of multiple displays and devices into one facilitated by a single click. Packed with such a robust set of capabilities, SMART SCREENS truly emerge as the future of home entertainment system that fits in perfectly with today’s increasingly connected lifestyles.