Digital Transformation For Brick & Mortar Companies

With entrepreneurship in his blood and hooked to the digital space, Dhananjay stands as the linchpin behind Kwebmaker and its unparalleled growth from a one person agency to a 100+ team with global offices and variegated services.

With the introduction of digital plat-forms and e-Commerce in every industry possible, it has now become vital for brick and mortar companies to pave their way into the digital world. Digital out-reach has now become essential for any and every individual. e-Commerce has resulted in availability of choices from the luxury of home, thereby reducing the reach of any physical re-tail store. This means that it has never been more important for a company to penetrate into the digital playfield.

While any individual prefers the touch and feel purchase because it can help them under-stand exactly what they are buying, there is no guarantee of availability of time anymore. This means that while touch and feel is still a preferred way of purchase, digital modes are taking over the world. It has never been more important for any organization, never mind the industry it belongs to, to make their digital presence felt.

If an organization wants to thrive in the market, it needs to follow all the changes and trends that are ruling the market. What do I mean by this? It means that an organization needs to experiment and enter every segment in the market. When a retail store or any service provider tries to expand beyond its walls, they need to ensure that they do something new to attract their customers. Establishment of kiosks, digital apps & websites, and listing on other digital platforms play a major role in this. For example, in the food industry, while a certain food brand may be well known, making it available from the comfort of some-one's home is what will ensure its survival.

Not only does digital integration streamline all aspects of a smooth functioning organization, it also transforms the ability to function better

Same applies for other segments as well. In order to engage customers they need to try something new and unique. This means, adapting new technologies, finding new ways to redesign products as per digital needs, and most importantly transforming the way your organization functions.

To digitalize the accounting and logistics, team communication is where one can begin. Digitalizing the internal processes helps secure the company in long distance communication, accessibility and availability. Apart from this, companies are also focusing on enhancing the experiences of a buyer. In order to achieve this they are now focusing on innovative ways to engage them. This can be done through exciting offers, cash backs, discounts, digital benefits, and many others.

Digitalization can also help an organisation to pull in their customers to the store. This can be done through exciting offers that work in two-fold. It may begin on a digital platform and can be redeemed at a physical store. This results in the enhancement of digital reach, followed by the added follow fall at physical outlets.

While this is for physical stores and retailers, there are some industries that do not deal in the same customer set. The genre of work of their main clients is B2B. When it comes to digital integration in B2B businesses, it is important to understand that this can be achieved through digitalizing internal processes. Accounting, communication, transactions, and others are all the points that fall in this category.

Technology is now penetrating into every industry from pharma to finance and every industry is becoming technologically equipped. Digital and physical aspects of a company are now interdependent. This means that the other cannot function without each other. It is important for all organizations to establish a strong hold in the on-line and offline market.

One way to do so is to form strategic partnerships with various industries. Each industry is well equipped in certain segments of the market and hence, identifying the right segment that can be of help to your industry is step one. Forming an alliance with the other organizations for mutual benefits is what one needs to follow. This results in access to various industries in the market along with a stronger hold in your segment. Not only does digital integration streamline all aspects of a smooth functioning organization, it also transforms the ability to function better.

While all this is great, you might wonder what about brands that cannot have a lot happening on digital plat-forms? Well to answer this, digitalization need not be about shifting a business online. Digitalization can play a supporting role in increasing footfalls. When it comes to organizations like physicians, gyms, grooming, and others, digital integrations can help streamline the functions. For example, a gym, clinic or grooming company can digitalize their bookings. This means they can now pre-book their appointments and get to the location at an allocated time. This is possible without any added manpower. This not only makes it cost effective, but also helps avoid chaos and confusions.

Digital transformation for brick and mortar companies has never been more important. With the growing phase of digital reach in India and the globe, it is important to emphasize on the growth. We should all be the driving forces that help build a digital age for all industries. This will not only help build-up all the industries, but also result in the transformation of the country as a whole.