Employee Background Verification - A Smart Investment in Robust Recruitment

They say that it is the family that turns a house into a home. Likewise, the employees of a firm play an instrumental role in converting the workspace into an office. Your employees are the most quintessential asset as well as the most stake-holding risk for your firm, & no organisation - be it a startup company or a multinational corporation, can afford to hire personnel with any sort of discrepancies.

While the interview process ascertains their skills & qualifications to perform their job well, every firm ought to have a more diligent process to assure the character & calibre of their new joinees. While one may argue that in the corporate sector, “Not everyone is like that!”, there are statistics & surveys over the years that stack against this argument. Did you know that employee theft is the cause of 33% of all business failures & over 66% of negligent hiring lawsuits resulted in damages upwards of $60,000?

In the light of these evidences, where negligent hiring could cost you upto 6-9 months of salaryof an employee, it is absolutely essential to run a thorough & diligent background check during the recruitment of your employees. It will be a small amount paid towards ascertaining the safety of the firm & all the other employees, & is any day smarter when compared to the risks associated with negligent hiring. A background verification process will not just assure the safety of the firm from any sorts of monetary, non-monetary, or goodwill damages, but will also render the satisfaction of building a “Dream Team” with competent & trustworthy human resources.

So we broadly understand that Background Verification is the process that helps you be certain & sure shot that the people you hire are the people who they claim to be. But what exactly does this entail, let’s get right into it!
A background verification company runs a thorough document verification as well as a set of screenings to verify various critical aspects of a new joinee such as education & employment history, identity authenticity, civil & criminal records etc. Now, depending upon the size nature & requirements of the business, as well as the offerings of the background verification company, the nature of background verification process may vary, but the most commonly offered & preferred background verification screenings include:

-Employment verification
-Detailed Reference Check
-Education Verification
- Physical Address Verification
-Criminal Police Verification
- Global Database Check
-Identity Verification
-CIBIL/Credit Check
-Criminal Court Record Verification
-Social Media Check
-Drug Testing

So now that we’re on the same page in terms of understanding the concept of background verification, let’s see why running employee background checks is a smart investment towards robust recruitment for your “Dream Company”

1. Paints the Bigger Picture About the Candidate:
What if you were to select your life partner based on just one meeting? Absurd, right?

Everyone would be on their best behaviour on the first date, you would want to know the background of this person, won’t you? The same analogy applies to the recruitment process. Every candidate seems a fit on the interview day, but you ought to know the full picture before you jump to any conclusions.

2. Assures Safety in the Workplace:
Imagine a day in the workplace where all your employees are casting sly eyes on one another, fearing if the person sitting right across them is a criminal or is into drug-abuse or is some sort of convict. It wouldn’t just be a chaotic scenario but also hampers the productivity & morale of the employees. A background check process prevents this tragedy from befalling you.

3. Gives you Insights into the Character of the Candidate:
A background check not only entails on-paper verification to ascertain the authenticity of documents but also runs reference checks to comprehend the employee’s character on parameters like integrity, honesty, chivalry, empathy etc.

4. Making an Informed Decision:
A professional Background Verification agency will get back to you with the entire history & geography of the person based on diligently researched & confirmed facts.

Thus, you don’t have to rely on just “first impressions”, but you can actually make a well-informed decision.

Thus, hiring a professional background check company is always a smart investment & the one you would never regret. Here is a small checklist to ascertain that you hire the right Background Verification Company:

• Minimum Turn-around time
• Maximum Report Accuracy
• Strong Networking
• Robust & Reliable Process
• Accountable Customer & Tech Support

Happy Hiring!