Fight Against Cancer With Food

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Even in this new era of technology Cancer is believed to be the deadliest disease. Many types of cancer are curable nowadays. But various treatment processes like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are painful to undergo. Any disease can be prevented by food rich in medicinal properties.

Cancer is assumed to be an incurable disease, But it can be prevented. People have the habit of hunting tips to prevent cancer. Natural food items composed of incredible medicinal properties which can even prevent various types of cancer.

Substitute tea or coffee with green tea
Tea and coffee is a favorite drink for many of us. Replacing the favorite drink with green tea will enrich the health of a person. Green tea has a plentiful antioxidant that fights against cancer and various infections. The components of green tea induce the cancer cells to do self-destruction. It also ends the growth of fresh blood vessels in cancer cells.

Cooked tomatoes erode cancer cells
Tomatoes are the cheap and common ingredient occupies a vital part in all Indian recipes. Lycopene is the medicinal component released during the process cooking tomatoes. Lycopene is packed with anti-oxidants helps in preventing several types of cancer found among both men and women. Research shows that lycopene fight against Lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Garlic and onions lessen the chances of cancer
Garlic is Super Antiviral herb lessens the chances of acquiring cancer on regular consumption. Cancer that commonly occurred in the digestive tract is prevented by the medicinal properties found in fresh garlic. Cancer occurs in the esophagus, gut, abdomen, intestine and other digestive organs can be prevented by garlic. Reproduction of cancer cells is prevented by few garlic bulbs. Onion is the common vegetable which can be consumed raw or cooked. Onions block the carcinogenic agents targeting the various parts of the body.

A bowl of nuts and cereals chase cancer cells out
Nuts and cereals are enriched with essential protein and fat. Various healthy advantages of nuts and cereals are really surprising. Nuts and cereals fight efficiently against cancer cells in many ways. Studies show that women's consumed an adequate amount of nuts and cereals regularly has fewer chances of developing breast cancer. colorectal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers are also prevented by regular consumption of nuts and cereals.

Olive oil is loaded with health benefits
Olive oil loaded with enormous health benefits that fight the cancer cells. Olive oil is the common ingredient found in the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is widely used in Mediterranean countries for cooking and salads. Olive oil is composed of typical anti-cancerous properties.

Green vegetables clean the body
A generous intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits in the daily diet improves overall health. Green vegetables are the chief sources of anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are known to be the natural cancer fighters. It also removes the toxins from the internal organs. Green vegetables are the rich sources of fiber content. Fiber clears the intestinal wastes periodically and improves the growth of good bacteria’s. Less stagnation of waste in intestine reduces the chances of intestinal cancers.

Simply fight cancer with Turmeric
Turmeric is the powerful Indian spice fully loaded with enormous health benefits. Especially it works efficiently against cancer. Daily intake of turmeric reduces the chance of cancer and it also kills the cancer cells. Metastasis is a dangerous episode of cancer. On metastasis, cancer is spread to the neighboring organs through blood and lymph nodes. Turmeric blocks metastasis and supports the therapies and treatment process. Turmeric also heals the lesions caused by carcinoma. Studies show that turmeric reverses the drug-resistance process that is commonly found among cancer patients.