Future of Mobile Accessories Market and the Top Trends for 2018

Ashish Mutneja, CEO, Quantum Hi-TechThe Indian smartphone sector is booming as the third largest smartphone market in the world. The growing penetration of the smartphone industry has simultaneously given the mobile market accessories an equal opportunity to boom and flourish. Today the term Mobile Accessories is no longer limited to protective cases or covers rather it broadly covers Headphones, Earphones, Power Banks, Portable speakers etc. Mobile Accessories are no longer only about functionality but have gone beyond. Style, Looks, adding comfort which takes the usage of the devices to the next mile is the driving force for the Accessories Market. Alongside, Growing Urbanization, rising Disposable income, active Youth population, and competitive prices further accelerates the success of the Market.

Brands today have been focussing on devising the ‘me-too’ products. Latest/Upgraded Technology and Solutions with no compromise in Quality at the most prudent price points shall drive the next steps. With innovation comes a different set of challenges that can limit the burgeoning growth of the Indian mobile accessories market in the upcoming years. The threat to privacy, lack of standardization, counterfeit production of branded accessories, and the compulsion to adhere to competitive pricing in order to safeguard market are some of these threats.
Unexpectedly, the Indian accessories market is able to cash in the opportunities despite of the challenges. Based on the different types of products that the mobile accessories market can offer, Audio and Power Banks along with Cases have taken the lions share.

Defining some of the key Trends for Mobile Accessories; Power Banks; shall find a stronger foothold. Currently surviving without Power Banks is challenging it has already become an essential on the go device. Higher Mah, Lightweight, Sleek and Good Looks shall dominate the Trend. The Job of the Power Bank won’t be just to power up the devices but also be a style accessory to the gadgets. Technology that syncs with the newest smartphones & also bring value added features such as the Selfie click button, LED Lights, Torch, inbuilt cables along with fast charge to multiple devices.

Next, Wireless Technology is the Future. The evolution of Wireless has gone full circle and has become the most preferred and has best connectivity solution in many places. The future of wireless networks seems to be faster, smarter and more efficient. With all the hustle in people’s life nobody is willing to waste time to detangle wires.
Wireless devices seem to be incomplete without IoT and artificial intelligence. Wearables consist of artificial intelligence and IoT which keep track of information and instructions also help you through these technologies. IoT products shall have the ability to learn our preferred technology, link to apps or programs, and automate, making our wireless devices smarter than ever before.

The modern technologies will increase the competence and convenience. However, in forthcoming decade, various kinds of accessories with more market share resulting an increase in revenue. The future can bring many positive changes in the Indian wireless industry. There is a huge probability that the wireless technological standards of the Indian market will match the international standards in the shortest period of time. India shall see considerable growth in Mobile Accessories Market in India and Wireless Technologies shall define the future.