In Relationship With Real Estate

Sharmin Dinshaw Davar, VP Sales & Leasing, Arihant SuperstructuresReal Estate Sales is not only about a marque, an artifact or an edifice, but it is also an investment done taking into contemplations of its surrounding and topographical appreciation. It is an asset which offers capital appreciation along with steady income if used for speculation.

Real Estate is not about customary sales, it's about peddling sentiments, trading visions to an individual, it is one of the most delicate selling-buying processes of the industry. Unless you don't empathies in your vending or cater to the passions of the consumer, it is a damage to sale.

As the market took a wind due to RERA, Sales in Real Estate toiled as a boon and a curse to the industry which swerves timely. However, in today's scenario, the market is more of direct users than of the financiers, thanks to the cut-throat rivalry of the bankers and the NBFC's which every fortnight has the scheme to batter the customer.

This industry subdivides into three sections, Commercial, Retail & Residential. Commercial falls into the segment of Sale ­ Leasing ­ Pre-Leasing, a segment where that mostly caters to back offices, this fragment usually does not have a downfall as the market is not overstock of selling and nor does the leasing gets affected at high ratios. The investment slice grows in this subdivision as the returns too are better than those parallel to the residential and thus the demands are moving towards pouring more investments.

Retail is the most pulsating and fast-paced subdivision in our industry as of now. Indians have evolved and are persistently looking for experimental shopping experiences, undergoing huge transformation with their brand attentiveness and class discrepancies. Retails are usually the malls and high- street stashes which
give the utmost returns in this industry, yet not to overlook the fact since online retail has also countersigned an extraordinary progression. India is positioned to become the world's firmest growing e-commerce market in coming years, the corporeal incidence of the retailers shall be lesser, however in that situation the Restaurant and Entertainment market will conquer the retail market.

Coming to the major segment of Real Estate, i.e. the residential domain that currently accounts over 70% of this industry, which too differs accordingly to the ticket sizes of selling. Residential is usually divided into a premium, economical and affordable. Out of these, the only segment that has moved towards transactions is the affordable housing, this trend shall be seen in the market for a longer period.

Indians have evolved and are persistently looking for experimental shopping experiences, undergoing huge transformation with their brand attentiveness and class discrepancies

Houses are the only asset class that the purchaser procures for self-use but benefits from value gratefulness. Among other major asset classes, stocks and mutual funds are not usable till encashed and gold is used intermittently if purchased as jumbles.

A home, on the other hand, is a product that is unceasingly and endures to escalate in value and gets the buyer the eminence of an asset proprietor. However, when the user turns seller he or she is often topsy-turvy as to the final value since standard rates have conventionally not been available. India's property market is moderately affordable as equated to that of its global counterparts. Few cities, including Mumbai, are among the most expensive property markets, globally. Price detection of a housing venture is an imperative phenomenon in real estate, which is predisposed principally by three factors: liveability, approachability and closeness to occupation hubs.

The residential market in today's era does not work in a traditional format, the marketing ways and buyer's opinions have transformed tremendously. Brokers too have become more of profit making then the customary way of working, where expectations over their commissions are become unpractical with the growing days, though there are some sizeable chunks of them who have been dedicated towards the business from several decades too. Brokers basically act as matchmakers to our business and are always welcomed with open arms. Not to forget the fact that the Real Estate market is the most unorganized segment of the business, however, on the other end, the clienteles in today's eon are more gen driven.

Thus to sum up the entire write up, Real Estate is an industry which helps us engender passive income, upsurges the permanence of our acquisitions, geographically ads up to our advantage, adds up to our tax benefits, acts as a renewable source of capital and gives up ownership to create wealth for us and our generations down the line.