Innovation & Technology In Food Industry

Navdeep Singh Ahluwalia, Head - Network Information Security, Dalmia Cement BharatHaving completed his MBA - IT from the Delhi Institute of Management, Navdeep, in his career spanning 15 years, was associated with Rose IT Solutions, Jindal Steel & Power, Punj Lloyd, and many others, prior to joining Dalmia Cement in 2015.

Innovation & Technology plays a vital role in business, designing, ingredients, mechanics and transformation. They together help in analyzing complex concepts, inspire new ideas and practices and execution of business process and strategies. Advancement in technology is resulting in innovation which is challenging the established well-resourced corporate giants to modernize and reimagine. It is often observed that designing of food products is restricted to packaging, logos, font style and color combination.

But with the development of technology thinking has changed and more designing applications are available. In order to be successful, designers need to understand and envision the requirements of consumers. Designers along with technology play an important role in the success of food companies and are also playing an active and decisive role at the board level for success of the organizations.

Technology and innovative ideas helped to freeze fruits and vegetables, blend them together, and package them in their pure form having nutritional value. Social media and smart mobile devices have connected consumers and shared information about harmful
ingredients and the making process of food products. This connectivity has created demand of accountability for food products made by big or small organizations. Organizations have to change recipes as per customer demands or they stand risk of losing their market share.

Technology has helped in making new discoveries, enabled consumers in understanding their nutritional requirements and also revealed the consequences of certain foods like sugar ­ research has shared the effects of sugar on humans. As a result, consumers have started buying products that do not contain sugar.

Technology has innovated production of food and has also mitigated wastage of food and its use is increasing in all fields. Innovation has provided solutions to meet advanced and existing market requirements.

Designers along with technology play an important role in the success of food companies, and are also playing an active & decisive role at the board level for success of the organizations

In order to have a healthy life style for consumers the entire food supply chain is forcing companies to pay high attention to food products. In order to meet consumers' demand and survive in the market, food industry needs to introduce innovations.

Innovation is a precondition for assuring the sustainability of food sector and is also playing an important role in competing and satisfying demands of consumers. Technology is providing new tools to penetrate markets on a wider scale and has also helped in establishing new processes and products. Technology has helped researchers to innovate products and overcome obstacles in food industry. It has also helped in recovering valuable components of food and then recycle them in an economic and sustainable way.

Advancement in technology has introduced online food shopping which has reduced time, effort and energy. Inside the stores, technology has enabled retailers to give an augmented experience to consumers with personalized offers, product suggestions as per their diet and lifestyle. Technology plays a significant role in improving the safety and quality of food supply chain. It has also helped in reducing waste and optimizing production thereby reduction in energy consumption and fuel.

To summarize, technology has brought innovation in the entire food system including production, harvesting, processing and distribution.