Modern appliances to add aesthetics to your interior

Home upgrades have been one of the most sought-after investments that consumers are making to add a touch of individualism and make the space comfortable. With the pandemic, our homes have become our den, office, school, and everything else in between. This has made consumers relook at their home and mindfully spend on making it feel like their personal space. The rising consciousness of upgrading and customizing home décor and intentional arrangement of household items has encouraged many to find an interior style that suits their lifestyle choices. Minimalistic & Aesthetic, Industrial, Scandinavian and Eclectic are some of the common designs found in modern-day Indian homes. To put together a beautiful interior décor, we need to combine the overall color palette of the house with the right kind of furniture, tiles & fixtures, lights & lamps, and home appliances. Though, finding the right furniture and lighting can be comparatively easy for DIY home designers, matching appliances can often get tricky. To help you find the right appliance, we have listed down ways in which you can find the right appliance to suit your home interiors.

The rising consciousness of upgrading and customizing home décor and intentional arrangement of house hold items has encouraged many to find an interior style that suits their lifestyle choices

1.Scandinavian: These decors are known for being aesthetic yet very cozy. Derived from the Danish style of living, these homes have warm colors with simple furniture with prints and patterns that are closer to nature i.e., forests and oceans. Most of the household items here are affordable, durable, and environment friendly with jute being used as one of the major home décor accents. Appliances with pastel colors with slight shimmery undertones match perfectly with a Scandinavian-themed home.

2.The Minimalist: The minimalist households can either be simple & environment friendly or smart but minimal in appearance. The whole idea of creating a minimalist home design is to add lesser furniture with carefully selected décor accents that help the residents reduce clutter and have an open living space. Monochrome & Smart products are a perfect appliance choice for these residents. You can use lighter colors like white, beige, or pink for your air conditioners or microwaves to create a clean and soft look.

3.Heritage: Individuals that love adding rustic and vintage/urban edge to their homes often like to use factory equipment like pipes and rods to put together a very classic new York apartment look for their homes. These individuals are adventurous and love to add dark and vintage furniture to their rustic floorboards and brick walls. Such decorators can opt for the Voltas Beko a Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator that blends in perfectly with the rustic house due to matte grey doors and sleek chrome handles.

4.Eclectic: The eclectic house décor incorporates elements from various cultures and Time- periods reflecting the creativity of the homeowner. Unlike the above-mentioned design and architecture, the eclectic homes are known for their playful and vibrant appeal with accents from various local tribes, royal families, religions, and nature. Such homes can add appliances with colors or patterns ranging from dark solids to traditional prints. Maintain a combination of two to three color palettes with a hint of authentic prints can help these homes look as lively as the residents.

While choosing the right product for your house, remember that you do not need to splurge a hefty amount of money to make your ideal home. Experimenting with existing furniture and pre-planning your home décor from the very beginning can help you save some extra bucks. Moreover, ensure that your appliances are durable, energy-saving, and pocket-friendly.