Wi-Fi Connectivity Trends Observed In The Indian Market

Bharat Sharma, Director Presales - India & SAARC, Cambium Networks Cambium Networks is one of the leading global providers of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected. Based out of Chicago and with R& D centers in the US, Ashburton, UK and Bangalore, India, Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors.

In the world we live in today everything changes by the minute even more so when it comes to technology. In today's world, technology is evolving by the hour. In India alone the number of internet users has increased very significantly with each passing year. In December 2018, the country registered an annual growth of 18 percent and was estimated at 566 million, a clear indication that connectivity is the future. As of today, Wireless connectivity has penetrated 40 percent of the Indian landscape, however there will come a day when the numbers will hit the roof, and pave way for a completely digital future. The growth of Wi-Fi Connectivity in India goes hand in hand with its sustained effort to become a digital superpower and harness the multitude of benefits that technology brings forth.

India is fast evolving into the global domain and plays a key role in driving global innovations and technology advancements. While today industries continue to use connectivity to advance innovations with multiple new developments with technologies like Internet of Things(IoT), autonomous technology, and artificial intelligence, it is not the only area of connectivity that has seen extraordinary advancements and has a huge untapped potential. One can use connectivity in India to also extend to upcoming trends that can help not just industries, but also the common man in day to day simple activities. It can help cover every need right from shopping, to navigation, to also providing a general guide to the neighborhood and beyond. It can also significantly bridge the digital divide and improve road safety in future with digital signage.
It is no secret that India has seen a strong wave of increased dependence on connectivity, right from entertainment needs of households to the multitudinous benefits in countless sectors. Online streaming services are taking over television, and the popularity of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has led to an increasing demand for increased connectivity, especially in the urban diaspora. This has further led to a huge increase in demand for connectivity on the go.

The Indian landscape can grow further with wireless solutions come equipped with various advanced technological breakthroughs

The Indian landscape can grow further with wireless solutions come equipped with various advanced technological breakthroughs such as tailor made Public Wi-Fi Solutions, disaster recovery, video security and school and campus Wi-Fi Solutions. This can make waves in all sectors, and education opportunities can be expanded as well with the help of connected classrooms, leading to a tremendous increase in the way learning is perceived.

It is estimated that globally, total public Wi-Fi hotspots (including homespots) will grow 6-fold from 2016 to 2021 from 94 million in 2016 to 541.6 million in 2021. This indicates that the needs of the Indian market will grow very significantly as well, and every spot, every nook and cranny would rely on connectivity to help bring people and the world together and create multiple opportunities for further expansion.

In India, as of today, rural healthcare remains to be a concern, however connectivity can help provide the resources and tools so that health care can be dramatically improved. Furthermore, in a country like India, that has so many varieties of crafts, trade and unique income generating endeavors, connected businesses can start from even the smallest villages in India to reach customers around the world.

Additionally, connectivity can also help aid places where home density is very low in order to the world to their doorstep. Apart from aiding the rural areas of the country even Tier 2 cities will see contributing consumer spends of around 45 percent ­ 50 percent, with the onslaught of connectivity and technology, driving up the domestic manufacturing which in turn will lead to job creation, output and creation of enterprises fueling the local economy and thereby the consumption.

The world we all reside in today is dynamic the only constant is change itself. India has and will continue to mold itself to charge up all its industries, as well as transform the lives of its citizens with the help of connectivity which can aid in almost every conceivable aspect of human life. Connectivity is limitless and the advantages it offers are far more when compared to previous industry processes and workings and can harbor tremendous transformations in every area of the modern world when compared to the generations that preceded this technological marvel. Connectivity is never stagnant and will help humans optimize their potential to the fullest, and can help industries make the most of their resources while transforming the Indian economy for the better.