Retro Interior Styling Never Goes Out of Trend

Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, Founder, Casa ExotiquePassionate about Interior Design & Decoration, Bhawana holds an Executive MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and incepted Casa Exotique with a vision to disrupt industry norms with bespoke solutions and advanced procurement strategies by offering exquisitely-designed and executed products.

There is a popular maxim 'Fashion Repeats Itself', but it doesn’t fit with retro interior styling, which never goes out of the trend. Usually, the value of articles depreciates over time. But retro interior solutions become more valuable even after getting old. Mary Kay Andrews, eminent American author, known for writing mystery novels, once said, “One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don't know the stories, I make them up”. Retro interior themes and décor items often create intriguing stories and interact implicitly with people who try to befriend themselves with their surroundings. There are umpteen options to redefine a living space with retro interior styling. Some of the easy to follow and practice are suggested below.

Classy Cupboards & a Chandelier
These days, finding a big space is a huge challenge in metro cities. Hence, for the visual appeal instead of designing horizontally in the dining room and making it look a cramped area, go vertically up on the wall with some classy cupboards, antique wall pieces, and wall art delights. A chandelier, whether big or small, right above the dining zone, will go well with all the themes, be it the festive ones, the formal, or the informal ones.

Mirrors & Mirror Tile
Mirrors are very popular when it comes to adding art deco design to your home. Mirrors help spaces appear brighter and larger without much effort. Mirrors are now popping-up on coffee tables as a way to add art deco designs. Reflective lamp bases with a mirror finish also help reflect light, making the brightness double up. The varied use of mirrored furniture means that you can add art decor accessories that also feature interior design elements.
Fill the Vase with Real Flowers
There is no need of buying an artificial air purifier when you can install natural ones in your homes. They say that green is the keyword of the world today. From politicians to interior designers, everyone wants to go green. Greenery soothes your eyes refreshes your mind and gets you destressed. A beautiful brown flower vase with a wonderful bonsai would definitely bring life to your living area. But always remember to keep artificial flowers out, as they are just not worth it. Originality does what artificiality can never.

While furniture, fabrics, and patterns make an art deco room, retro images showcasing this style can add life to wall art

Invest in decorating the vertical space of your place, installing floor-to-ceiling bookcases and beautiful wall hangings. These elements instantly add architectural detail to the walls that draw the eyes of onlookers upward, creating a sense of ample space in their mind.

Rugs for a Rustic Look
Rugs are an easy way to add the bold looks of art decor accessories to your home. Look for large area rugs with geometrical shapes, bold patterns or bright colours to help tie the room together. These rugs can be easily changed if you want to change the look of your room.

Wood Looks Natural
Go for the simple mahogany or bamboo furniture with good, comfortable upholstered chairs in the same wood that can be easily styled-up with linen cover-ups as according to the guest welcoming themes and the mood of the party. Small details can help art decor furniture stand-out in a room. The theatrical furniture pieces are great additions anywhere in the house. The occasional bold piece of furniture such as a patterned chair and a bright table makes the look pop-up.

Recapture the Beauty with Retro Art
While furniture, fabrics, and patterns make an art deco room, retro images showcasing this style can add life to wall art. Art deco posters are a fun way to bring a variety of colour and design to any space. By adding a poster to your décors, like images of airplanes, cars, cruise liners, and skyscrapers. Old images of advertisements for popular products also make great posters. Scattered fonts and bright sales pitches, advertisement posters can give a modern look to the room. Also, these posters may easily be changed or rotated to freshen up a space.

Plan the Dining Space Aptly
Dining room or a dining space is not just a place to have and share the meal with our near & dear ones; but instead, it involves feasting while discussing and sharing the day’s adventures and unwinding the future plans & goals. Neutral colours for dining interiors, along with beautiful wall lights and hang lights are always in vogue and lend that instant sense of class and sophistication. But if the dining zone lacks natural light, then you surely need to add some bold prints to the walls to make the space standout instead of getting lost.

Avoid Doing Too Much
Instead of doing too much of hanging-dangling décor opt for decorative items that can be kept on display for years. Explore the corners with loved ones and make them more interesting with some personalized décor pieces like photo frames, cassette recorder, and trophies.