Simply better connections for India's small and medium businesses

Srikanth Natarajan, Director - Channels & Alliances, Ruckus India & SAARCIndia’s small and medium (MSME) businesses are integral to India’s economic growth. The January 2017 KPMG - Google report - 'Impact of Internet and Digitisation on SMBs in India', gives enough testimonials on how MSMEs are the backbone of our country’s economic leap:

• There are more than 51 million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector enterprises across various industries.

• For the year 2015-16, MSMEs contributed as much as 37.5 percent to the country’s GDP.

• Approximately 117 million people are employed by MSMEs; almost 14 percent of India’s working population.

• The MSME sector accounts for 37 percent of the manufacturing output.

Some of the challenges associated with India's MSME businesses are:
• The verticals they cater to are diverse and need different expertise.

• The MSMEs are remotely located.

• Limited scope of growth due to technological hurdles.

• Limited financial backing and inclusion.

The KPMG-Google report 'Impact of Internet and Digitisation on SMBs in India' also states that a staggering 68 percent of Indian SMBs are offline and only two percent of the SMBs are digitally engaged. Smart devices are playing a critical role in influencing customer decisions and behaviours. While Wi-Fi devices have become an absolute requirement for customers and employees’ productivity, small to midsize businesses are challenged to deploy a reliable wireless network within a limited budget and almost negligible technical support team.

Unleashing a Controller-less Wireless LAN Solution
S. Bradley Noblet, an IT veteran acknowledges in his white paper 'Wireless Best Practices' that the cost and complexity of installing and maintaining a mission-critical WLAN can be overwhelming for the budget conscious, resource limited SMB.
While setting up a standalone Wi-Fi access point (AP) is deceptively simple, building a mission critical IT infrastructure out of these APs can be a whole new challenge.

An SMB for their business need an intuitive and easy to understand user interface which allows a highly resilient Wi-FI network to be setup in less than five minutes without the need of a networking expertise. And what better if businesses can manage their multisite Wi-Fi network seamlessly via the mobile phone or a web browser. Small businesses can focus on their core business rather than worries about IT. With the Ruckus Unleashed the total cost of ownership does not burden the business.

As needs grow, the businesses can easily plug and play more Wi-Fi access points – boosting performance without needing to re-configure the network

A controllerless Wi-Fi architecture not only reduces ownership costs but can deliver up to 50 percent higher Wi-Fi performance is the quintessential business enabler for a small business environment. A controller-less wireless LAN solution also curbs the operational hazard of acquiring separate controllers and access point licenses; significantly reducing upfront costs.

With no stringent infrastructure pre requisites entrepreneurs /SMBs can turn their space into a workspace with dependable Wi-Fi coverage. Easily set up different types of secure guest networks on the fly to engage with customers, partners, suppliers, and contractors.

Equipped with self-service interface, the new no controllers attached wireless infrastructure provides business owners with insights on Wi-Fi usage, so that they can easily optimize the Wi-Fi experience of employees and visitors without the need for dedicated IT staff. As needs grow, the businesses can easily plug-and-play more Wi-Fi access points - boosting performance without needing to re-configure the network.

In summary
• Controller less Wi-Fi keep costs down by eliminating the need for on-premises controllers and reducing dependence on expensive IT resources. It's up to 50 percent lower than a Controller base solution.

• Controller less Wi-Fi can be set up and configured in less than 5 minutes, end to end, so no burden on IT

• Implement controller less AP that come with performance innovations no matter how tough the environment is

• APs deployed across multiple small sites can use a multisite manager which should be intuitive and easy to use with secure monitoring and be to be able to be managed from anywhere in the world with a single sign on

• The invest made in controller less AP should be such that when the SMB decides to switch to another architecture like, on premise controller or even cloud managed WLAN the controllerless APs should be able to be part of the enhanced network.

As India’s ambitious entrepreneurs are raring to take their next leap, let's unleash their real potential through simply better connections.