Zeppelin Systems India: Legacy Lights Reliability & Quality, On Time!

Gaurang Joshipura, Managing Director, Zeppelin Systems IndiaIt’s thoughtful the way engineering services industry has polarized the service providers. While the legacy organizations remain monopolistic at one end, the lightning increase in demand has engendered a large number of small scale providers on the other pole; most of them being proprietary or partnership organizations that ‘assemble’ services. Needless to say, there is a huge disparity in the overall price structure and flexibility of services, not to mention proprietary concerns’ lack of financial foundation to attract the best talent or sustain a couple of years of hiccup in the business.

Despite the aforementioned polarization, there is a lot of gray area in the market. It’s flooded with organizations that are in dire need of an ideal amalgamation an engineering service provider with a fair amount of legacy, the best talents on-board, and a sustainable financial standing, while having the flexibility and cost effectiveness of small-scale organization. This unparalleled proposition embraces the story of Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001 certified company, with its Engineering consultancy Business Unit that boasts of its three decades of legacy. Established and groomed by Industry veterans and now a business unit of 100 percent subsidiary of the German MNC, Engineering and Services Competence Centre (ESCC) of Zeppelin caters high end engineering design services to its clients across the industry sectors like Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceuticals, among other process industries. This includes Process Design & Extended Basic engineering, Complete Detail Engineering (in Mechanical, Piping, E&IC, Civil Structural & Architectural Engineering), HSE & Industrial Safety Management, EPCM services including Project Management, Procurement, Expediting and Inspection, Site Management and Site Services(deputation of highly qualified specialists to sites). Other Allied services include Project Cost Estimation, DPR, and Project Documentation,

The MNC Plinth
Came into existence in 1989 (as Alpha Project Services Pvt. Ltd.), ESCC of Zeppelin has always recognized the importance of being a broad based & stable organization in every coordinate. If you recall the great recession and the tough industrial years that followed, you would probably evoke a picture of an entire gamut of small scale engineering service providers dragging the shutter down, failing to keep their heads above the water. However, the far sighted vision of the promoters had the company already entrusted to a German MNC through their Indian subsidiary (Zeppelin Systems India Pvt. Ltd.), much ahead of any trouble. Owing a big thanks to the sustained German backup, Zeppelin kept its head above the water and continued to keenly focus on the quality and turnaround time. But ever since the market picked up, the company has been home to a whopping growth just like how they planned it.

"The greatest achievement is to have won the customer confidence in projects while competing with other engineering peers"

Today, Zeppelin is all about seasoned industry professionals, optimal designs, and intime & error free delivery. Banking on cutting edge software such as UNISIM, HTRI, CHEMCAD, DETHERM, PVElite, PDS, PDMS, Solid Works, and PHAST Risk MICRO has been its forte. Being dedicated to providing product efficiency, the company deploys standardized methods and works concurrently with the clients, starting right from the design phase. Exemplifying further, Gaurang Joshipura, the Managing Director of Zeppelin Systems India, says, “During the design phase, the endusers,
including their various functional managers and decision makers, are involved in discussions & approval right at the drawing board stage to understand and collect their requirement & experience, which are concurrently blended well in the designs”.

Zeppelin is all about seasoned industry professionals, optimal designs, and in time & error-free delivery

A Strong Time to Count on
It’s quite lucid that a lion’s share of the credit goes to ESCC - Zeppelin’s 100 people strong team, led by Deepak Thaker (Head - ESCC Business Unit) and supported by highly capable Division Heads. It’s an ideal proportion of young talents bringing in an enormous amount of energy & efficiency, experienced department heads effectively streamlining the processes, and industry veterans mentoring each department in the light of their 35-to-40 years of experience. While this robust structure ensures quality, the middle managers go that extra mile to act as remarkable client interfaces, which significantly contributes to the final outcome, especially when it comes to demanding projects. For instance, one of the Zeppelin’s recent projects involved shifting a whole process plant from overseas to India and making it run. The task was Herculean, and it intensified with the intricacies of documentation, as it was previously filed in the regional language. The team accomplished the task and set the plant on wheels with utmost precision and on time. Another strong testament to these abilities is Zeppelin’s repetitive clientele, which includes clients working with the company for more than a decade. Furthermore, since it today does engineering services for the Greenfield projects on a more frequent basis, there are several clients who restrict their radar to Zeppelin.

New Destinations
When asked about Zeppelin’s greatest achievements so far, Joshipura echoes a straight answer. He says, “The greatest achievement is to have won the customer confidence in projects while competing with other engineering peers”. He believes that the key to this success lies in the trust the customer has in its consultancy services, which further resulted in retaining the existing customers and welcoming the new ones. “We do end-to-end service offering. Our strategy is simple. We start with one customer and then, when the customer starts developing confidence in our services, it’s a high bet that they will gradually start asking for more. One more testimony to our services is the frame contracts that we have entered into with some of the PSUs,” he adds.

Zeppelin persistently works towards providing its customers with more optimized solutions by banking on not only high-end software, but also with well laid down process, and by introducing planned reviews & checks during initiation & design phase, hence curtailing the overall time schedule. Striving by its vision of customer satisfaction and continual improvement, Zeppelin today has become one of the most preferred engineering service providers in the country and while moving ahead, the company wants to broaden its consultancy base by increasing the export of its services to the Far East, Gulf, and similar countries. An internal engineering hub catering to Zeppelin Group, it also looks forward to expanding its offerings.

Key Management:
Gaurang Joshipura, Managing Director
A Mechanical engineer by qualification, Gaurang possesses more than three decades of industry experience. Indeed, most of his experience was with MNCs or Joint Ventures with MNCs operating in India. His international experience includes long and medium term assignments in various functional area, in most parts of the globe as well as working in International teams and projects. Started career as a design engineer in machine building, he went on to work for 19 years in Larsen & Toubro Limited, in their joint venture with GEA Niro of Denmark, as well as in L&T Integrated Engineering Services. He is now MD of Zeppelin Systems India for eight years.

Zeppelin in Spotlight:
•An ISO 9001 certified Engineering Consultancy organization providing high quality services to its clients across the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizers, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and other process industries
•A sustainable organization with the financial backup of its parent German MNC , offering the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a small scale organization
•Banking on cutting-edge software such as UNISIM, HTRI, CHEMCAD, DETHERM, PVElite, PDS, PDMS, Solid Works, and PHAST Risk MICRO
•Annual surveillance audit are regularly carried out and the company has its own internal audits at least twice a year to ensure compliance with the QMS requirements

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:1989

Engineering Service Offering:
•Process Design & Extended Basic Engineering
•Complete Detail Engineering (in Mechanical, Piping, E&IC, Civil & Structural Engineering)
•HSE & Industrial Safety Management
•EPCM services including Project Management, Procurement, Expediting and Inspection, Site Management and Site Services (deputation of specialists to sites)
•Other Allied services include, Project Cost Estimation, DPR, Project Documentation