Disencumbering Mother Earth From e-Waste

When we were under lockdown, the earth became greener. But would it remain so when we have unlocked almost everything? ASSOCHAM's prediction about India generating 5.2 million tonnes of e-Waste by 2020, but are we still standing here? No. The pandemic almost saw a surge in the use, sale or renting of electronic gadgets like laptops, desktops, smartphones, televisions and others. As people were forced to work from home, kids to study from home and elderly confined to the four walls of the home, no one was left with the option but to buy or own more of the electronic products.

Now imagine the tonnes of e-Waste we will generate in the coming years! India already is the third largest e-Waste generator in the world with limited capacity to treat only one-fourth of its waste. So how are we going to catch-up treating e-Waste with the pace we are generating it? A lot more sensibility in the usage of electronic gadgets & equipment and how we dispose off them. There needs to be a wave of educating users on this, whether individuals or corporates as many of us are scared of data theft if sold to e-Waste management companies.

And if you wonder why so much a hullabaloo about the earth getting polluted with e-Waste when we have earth, we humans have already already left about 500000 pounds of waste on the moon. Let's spare the MOON. And hence the responsibility vests on the shoulders of e-Waste management companies also on educating individuals & corporates and creating the market. Just like previous year, this year too we bring to you siliconindia Magazine's `10 Most Promising e-Waste Management Companies ­ 2020' to enlighten you about companies that do exactly this ­ educating and providing the best of e-Waste services. Read to know more about them.

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