Moving India Ahead

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorAs kids, we generally knew of trucks with four tires. But with time, we grew and the number of tires in our trucks too. Not just the tires but the size and functionality of the trucks too have immensely increased from just transporting agriculture and industrial products to more, moving perishable to non-perishable goods across the globe. No wonder that a survey predicts the Indian logistics industry to reach $215 billion by 2020. What is fuelling this growth is tech!
But there lies a strong disconnect within the industry, which is why they are not able to turn their profits on to the level they should. The reason being that most of the time, these vehicles while returning from their trip is almost empty. Thus the entire cost of return is usually a burden for the logistic company or the vehicle owner. Hence just like the online cab aggregators, the logistic industry needed an aggregator like Bigtruck who connects the service provider and the customers seamlessly, creating a win-win situation for all. We bring to you their story in our current issue of siliconIndia Magazine's `10 Most Promising Online Truck & Cargo Booking Companies ­ 2019'. Read about their journey from start to now in ` Creating a Profitable Truck-Transport Ecosystem Powered by Technology `.

We also bring to you the story of few other service providers who have been disrupting the industry via their hassle free service promise. Their offerings are a must to boost the current logistics environment of the company and worldwide. Read to know more about them.

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