• Ecosheets: Upscale and Transforms Plastics into Novel Products
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    Ecosheets: Upscale and Transforms Plastics into Novel Products

    Green Marketing, a significant achievement in the tremendous field of marketing, has gotten one of the developing regions and is welcoming a great deal of consideration towards it. It works since people are committed to purchasing products and services that do not harm nature. People tend to care more about the environment today, compared to 50 years prior. EcoSheets have brought a novel technique to reduce plastic scrap menace and utilize it to transform it into a better replacement for products made of wood. Headquartered in Jaipur, EcoSheets is formed with the central idea of upcycling plastics scraps to make it reusable. EcoSheets are produced using waste plastics and are a replacement for Plywood. Instead of recycling, the company is renowned as first-of-its-kind Eco-friendly...


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