Sustainability & Green Products - The Perfect Match for Better Future

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorSustainability isn't the new buzz word in the town, but is gaining importance in the recent times. Whether its fashion, automobile or even healthcare, people are becoming more conscious about being environmentally friendly thus feeling proud in contributing towards contributing to greener Mother Earth. Hence there is an increasing demand for greener products. It not only helps reduce waste but
even maximize resource efficiency, thus enabling the current generation to use resources meant only for them and not for the next generation, unlike a report that mentions that the we use 40 percent more resource than meant for us.

This means that we are stealing from our next generation, who will be left with no option but to survive with those very limited resources. But then is the industry and the consumers really prepared for greener products? Is there enough demand for the industry to produce green products and are the consumers willing to spend a little more money to save the environment? It is the need of the hour to apprise the industry and the consumers to go green.

Looking at this need of the hour, we at siliconindia bring to you `10 Most Promising Green Products Companies ­ 2020'. With the motto to enlighten and bring forth the companies that provide the best of green products, we have listed the most promising names from the industry. As an organization, we are too moving towards adopting greener products for more sustainable earth. We hope you will also get inspired. Do read to know more about it.

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