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  • 10 Most Promising Air Purifier Companies – 2019

    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that seven million people are killed every year due to air-pollution, and India’s catastrophic levels of pollution only cautions "public health emergency" requiring ‘full emergency mode response from local/national authorities. In response to this, the country’s immediate aid seeks efforts of the most promising air-purifier industry that is all set to reach $39 million by 2023, with its market forecast to grow up to 40 percent by 2020.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, dire need and the trending tech-boom, air-purifier experts are sprouting ingenious ways to curb further jeopardy to people’s health and pollution related hazards. However regrettably, lack of awareness on the part of people...

10 Most Promising Air Purifier Companies – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Air Concept Air Concept Mehul Panchal, Founder & MD An innovative company that brings 17-year of filtration experience to create one of the most efficient indoor and outdoor air purifiers
BreatheEasy Labs BreatheEasy Labs Barun Aggarwal, CEO Providing the best air purifiers, filters, testing & wide range of solutions for reducing your personal exposure to indoor or outdoor air pollution
  BreatheFresh Solutions BreatheFresh Solutions Bhawani Bhateja (L) & Gaurav Arora (R), Co-Founders Making people aware about indoor air pollution, whilst helping them reduce the impact with their all-natural products
  Breathify Breathify Krrish Chawla, Founder & Innovator Offering the world's first eco-friendly, affordable, effective, and practical air purifier
Elofic Industries Elofic Industries K.D Sahni, Joint Managing Director A pioneer in the filtration industry, leveraging its experience of 68 years to design and manufacture air purifiers at a reasonable price
Hi Tech Sweet Water Technologies Hi Tech Sweet Water Technologies Vijay Shah, CMD A pioneer with 24-years of global experience in manufacturing, marketing and selling innovative and technologically advanced air & water purifiers
Lingel India Lingel India Mario Schmidt, Managing Director Offering a powerful, but chic wall mounted air purifier to clean indoor air from any form of pollutants
Osim India Osim India Dhruv Grover, COO Top-notch Air purifier manufacturers with the latest technology implements including a multi-action mechanism with multilayer filters, UV lights and air-quality sensors
STULZCHSPL India STULZCHSPL India Suresh Balakrishnan, Joint MD, Rajesh Balakrishnan, MD The only global HVAC manufacturer in India to deliver energy and space efficient standalone APUs, as well as TFA units integrated with air purification systems for commercial and industrial application with intelligent controls