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  • 10 Most Promising Organic Fertilizer Companies - 2021

    The increasing awareness and concerns over health and environment is driving the growth of organic fertilizers market. Organic fertilizers are derived from many animal & plant residues and mineral ores. Now a days, they are developed by culturing beneficial microorganisms. Biofertilizers or microbial inoculants are carrier based ready to use live bacterial or fungal formulations which on application to plants, soil or composting pits, help in mobilization of various nutrients by their biological activity. Application of these fertilizers has also proved to be more effective in resisting plant pathogens due to the impact on the structure and function of resident soil biome. The extensive use of chemical fertilizers poses serious collateral problems such as environmental...

10 Most Promising Organic Fertilizer Companies - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Indorama India Indorama India Ashvini Hiran,CEO & Managing Director Offers primary fertilizers, specialty plant nutrients, and organic fertilizers
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Annadhatri Agritech Annadhatri Agritech Ashis Guria, Founder Offers various types of organic rural inputs, enhancing plants, agriculture plants, and nanotechnology items
Arc Bio Fuel Arc Bio Fuel Abhinav Singla, Co-Founder & CMO Specializes in converting waste into feasible products for organic farming and also developing sustainable energy
Carbon Masters Carbon Masters Kevin J Houston, Director Provides restaurants with safe and easy access to clean renewable energy with a cooking gas preferred by chefs that saves them costs vs LPG
CEF Group CEF Group Maninder Singh, Founder and CEO Manufacturers of high-quality organic manure and providing focused and practical solutions to environmental protection and waste processing
Growello Growello Amar Patel, Founder and Director Produces compost fertilizer at affordable price
Navaratnaa Crop Science Navaratnaa Crop Science Mohammad Ali, Managing Director Paving path to sustainable agriculture through bio-integrated nutrient management and bio-integrated pest and disease management
Sajag International Sajag International Utkarsh Tyagi, Director Provides vermin compost enriched with cow urine based pesticides, cocopit and rice husk
Sun Agri Export Sun Agri Export Suraj Patel, Director & Partner An organization that is inclined towards betterment of environment by offering the best quality organic fertilizers to the farmers
Uttam Phosphates Uttam Phosphates Sushil Kumar Upadhyay, Managing Director Producers of organic fertilizing products like soil conditioners, fungicides and pesticides, and is known for supplying finest quality agro chemical products