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  • 10 Most Promising Test & Measurement Services Providers - 2019

    The ever-increasing and ubiquitous presence of electronic devices right from the household appliances we use to the vehicles we travel in, clearly demonstrate its indispensability in our daily lives. Due to this growing adoption, there lies a grave need for advanced Test & Measurement (T&M) processes that can strictly evaluate and approve the performance of electronic products before deployment. Ranging from design & development phase to production testing and pre- & post-market testing including Original Design Manufacturing, T&M stands-out as a highly essential process throughout the entire product development life cycle. Besides, the burgeoning user applications, market dynamics, technology convergence, innovations, and above all the stringent quality, safety,...

10 Most Promising Test & Measurement Services Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Anritsu Anritsu Vasudev Tantry, Country Manager This ISO:9001 certified company delivers pressing test & measurement solutions, right from product design and development, to production, services and maintenance
ISAT Network Engineers ISAT Network Engineers Sudhanshoo Agarwal, Director - Marketing & Sales Provides Design, Engineering and Commissioning of high voltage & high current short circuit laboratories/test bed installations well compliant with IEC 60034-4 EDITION 3.0 2008-05 to cater to diverse customer needs
KVTEK Power Systems KVTEK Power Systems Anil Uppal, Managing Director A supreme manufacturer with accumulated competence providing the most technically advanced and facile products for High Voltage, High Current and High Power test systems and measurement instruments
Livingston Livingston Rishi Sand, Director One of the leading Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment rental, lease and purchase company in the world providing testing solutions based on OPEX model
Logic Fruit Technologies Logic Fruit Technologies Sanjeev Kumar & Anil Nikhra, Co-Founders An expert and trusted partner known to deploy embedded test & measurement solutions that meet the evolving demands of customers worldwide, within restricted timeframe
SFO Technologies SFO Technologies Althaf Jehangir, CEO & Executive Director, N. Jehangir, Managing Director A subsidiary of the Nest Conglomerate aiming to offer a one-stop solution to global clients by providing robust and turnkey test and measurement services to its clients
Sushma Industries Pvt Ltd Sushma Industries Pvt Ltd Suveer Sadanand, Director & CEO Holding three decades of reputed experience in the industry, the company provides an array of quality and user-friendly testing solutions
V. K. Electric Company V. K. Electric Company (Standing) Anubhav Rohatgi, Product Head, (Sitting) Vinit Rohatgi, CEO A manufacturer of quality measuring instruments since 1973, best known for high quality, high volume panel meters and design innovations, which include the patented dual analogue meters that save money
WIKA Instruments WIKA Instruments Subrata Bhattacharya, MD A global leader proffering on-time, reliable and high-quality indigenously manufactured key technological measurement solutions