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  • 10 Most Promising Water Treatment Companies - 2023

    Every Drop Counts ‘We all can live without love but not even one without water’ and this explains the whole. Water is the second reason after air which is responsible for the existence of all the living beings on this planet and one of the most crucial natural resources.Though70 percent of the Earth is made up of water, clean and fresh water is still a limited resource and many parts of the world suffer from clean water shortage. The earth is left with only three percent of fresh water as ocean holds up to 97 percent of the whole water available and unfortunately that is saline, and not at all safe for drinking purpose. Meanwhile the increasing industrialization and urbanization of demography across the globe has posed a giant ecological threat, and to mitigate these...

10 Most Promising Water Treatment Companies - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Espure Water Solutions Espure Water Solutions Vinoth M. Shanmugam, Business Development Manager A plant engineering company for industrial water treatment, water circulation and wastewater treatment providing total water and waste water management
Evoqua Water Technologies Evoqua Water Technologies Ram Satagopan, Managing Director - India Operations A market-leading expertise serving the municipal water and wastewater market and provides support to more than 200,000 installations world wide
Harbauer India Harbauer India Tanvir Ahmed , Managing Director The company is engaged in environmental technology including manufacturing of water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and effluent treatment plants
Innovative Aqua Innovative Aqua Balaraju Babburi, Managing Director An innovative water solutions firm for over 17 years delivered according to requirement o fgovernment and private sector, when ever or wherever the demand for water treatment plants and storage water tanks
Innow India Innow India Jatinder Bedi, Business Head A company that focuses on providing sustainable and eco-friendly water treatment solutions to make a transformative positive difference to humanity and the environment
Jalamrut Water Treatment Jalamrut Water Treatment Amol Patil, Director A manufacturer & consultant serving the industry facing problem regarding water & waste water for treatment serves industries like chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry and many
Marcuras Water Treatment Marcuras Water Treatment Sarika Sahasrabudhe, Director The firm is engaged in manufacturing, export and supply of a comprehensive range of industrial water treatment plants offering Customized RO, NF & UF Plants, Softening and DM Plants, Clarifiers, Settlers, Filters, STP
Orion Water Treatment Orion Water Treatment Bhaskaran M., Managing Director An emerging engineering company in the field of water and waste water treatment for past twelve years specializing to manage the complete water management and offers comprehensive solutions in water treatment and management
Sara Water Technologies Sara Water Technologies Ravishankar Rajasekaran, Product Manager The firm develops the water and waste water treatment, chemical solutions, services and automation systems that help clients optimize operational performance and derive the maximum value
Watco India Watco India Anuj Jha , Executive Director A complete water treatment solution company providing design to installation facilities under one roof and offering the best-in-class water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants and water softening plants