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  • 20 Most Promising Analytical & Scientific Instrument Companies – 2018

    Manufacturers of diverse industrial equipment have always been the linchpin behind the success of many industrial endeavours. With multiple product lines and sophisticated infrastructure at their manufacturing plants, these industrial equipment manufacturers are reaping tremendous profits besides escalating the business of their customers. But relying on their traditional machineries and systems cannot let them conquer the burgeoning competition and also stand-out with unique expertise. Indeed it is crucial for these manufacturers to adapt swiftly with new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing, AI and many others, and thereby enhance the efficiency and production of top-notch equipment across variegated realms. Our focus here is on the equipment manufacturers for...

20 Most Promising Analytical & Scientific Instrument Companies – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aditya Scientific Aditya Scientific Laxmi Naresh Reddy Aerra, Owner Specializing in manufacturing laboratory equipments which is used in Pharmaceutical and Chemistry Research for institutions like such as IITs, BITS, Major State Universities, Custom Research Organizations and more
AJ Instruments India AJ Instruments India Upendra Dixit, Managing Director Known for delivering products that gives superior analytical performance, quality and support in the sector
Anchrom Anchrom Dilip Charegaonkar, MD, Akshay Charegaonkar, Director, & Rutvika Charegaonkar CFO A provider of equipment, analysis and training using HPTLC to solve chemical analysis problems, specific to India, in herbal and other industrial organic samples
BioTek BioTek Vipul Chatbar, CEO With an innovative development approach that results in cost-effective systems the company provides excellent performance across diverse applications has become a worldwide leader in innovative life science instrumentation
BUCHI BUCHI Dr. Reinhardt Büchi, President A leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control and production worldwide serving a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis and academia
ELICO ELICO Ramesh Datla, Chairman & M D Developing indigenous Analytical Instruments with a strong Intellectual Property Rights base
Erweka India Erweka India Sandeep Shah, MD A professionally managed and a dynamic organization with decade of experience in Pharmaceutical & Analytical Equipments
HiMedia Laboratories HiMedia Laboratories Dr. Gangadhar M. Warke, Founder, Chairman & MD With presence in over 1400 countries and over 4500 products in its roster, the
Indtech Instruments Indtech Instruments Nitin Kabbin, Director Providing innovative solutions for analytical laboratories to ease analysis and improve productivity
Inkarp Instruments Inkarp Instruments Harish Kundapur, Vice President Delivering world class scientific and analytical instruments to clients with partnering with market leaders
MEDISPEC MEDISPEC Avner Spector, CEO & Co-Founder A medical technology company that specializes in extracorporeal shockwave therapy solutions
Metrohm Metrohm Christoph Fässler, Chairman of the board of directors A worldwide leading manufacturer of precision instruments for chemical analysis and has entire range of Potentiometric, Karl Fischer and Thermometric techniques
NETEL (INDIA) NETEL (INDIA) Feroze Neterwala, Owner With the help of In-House Research, coupled with the judicious use of acquired technology, the company has introduced a broad range of Niche products and services for wide spectrum of industries
PCI Analytics PCI Analytics Chander Golani, Managing Director An ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CRISIL rated and having CE marking for various products is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of wide range of laboratory scientific and research equipment and instruments
Sai Scientific Industries Sai Scientific Industries Vijay Verma, Owner Designing and delivering best Lab Equipments to the Global Companies. SaiScientific Industries also provides a complete range of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab Equipments showing its strengths and opportunities on a global scale
Savant India Savant India Y. Bhanu Prasad, Joint Managing Director Meeting the global challenge by anticipating future market dynamics and transforming specialized servicing into a fast-growth hot shop.
Smart Labtech Smart Labtech Satyaprasad Potharaju Venkata, CEO Manufacturing, trading, distributing and supplying a large range of Laboratory Weighing Balance, Lab Water Purification System, Laboratory Thermal Equipment and more to clients with top notch quality
Spectralab Instruments Spectralab Instruments Madhuri, Marketing Executive Offering Automatic Titrator, Automatic Potentiometric Titrator, Columetric KF Titrator and many other similar products at best prices
Toshvin Analytical Toshvin Analytical Nakul, CEO Proffering high technology, high quality instruments, systems and solutions to improve quality of life by contributing to the development of Indian industry and the scientific community