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  • 10 Most Promising Automatic Voltage Regulator Solution Providers - 2018

    The industrial sector is always faced with the predicament of equipment failure, often hindering their ongoing processes and resulting in loss of capital and time. This breakdown can often be attributed to the irregular connection between the influx of energy and output and sometimes to the incessant and unpredictable power shutdowns that renders the equipments vulnerable to fault. Automatic voltage regulations play a paramount role in negating these recurring issues and help achieve the optimized functioning of the equipments as well as the organisations at large. Thanks to the experts, industries now enjoy an optimized functionality of more than 35 percent and this, in the lag ridden market background, is no mean feat. From invertors to life like generators, automatic voltage...

10 Most Promising Automatic Voltage Regulator Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ABB Power Solutions ABB Power Solutions Ajay Shukla, CEO An ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in developing electrical products such as Online UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Industrial Inverters, SMF Batteries
Bharti Electronics Bharti Electronics Yog Raj Suraj, CEO An ISO 9001:2000 certified company with proven excellence in offering wide range of electroplating Rectifiers, Servo Stabilizers, Voltage regulators, Isolation Transformers, Electrical Panel, Distribution & Power Transformer and Special Purpose Transformers
Logicstat Logicstat Suriender Kumar Bahl, Founder & Promoter A 43 year old brand offering products such as Automatic Voltage Regulators, Battery Chargers, Lighting Transformers, and many others
NK Transformers NK Transformers Amit Bakshi, CEO A manufacturer, exporter, supplier & service provider of electrical products and services
Rudra Trans System Rudra Trans System George Mathew, CEO Offering a wide range of premium quality Power Conditioning and Power Protection Equipments such as Servo Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, UIT, Online UPS, Home Inverter, and more
Sai Sowmya Products Sai Sowmya Products Parmeswara Rao, CEO Specialized in manufacturing and supplying of Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Converter, UPS, Inverters and Battery Chargers
Saptarshi Electronics Enterprises Saptarshi Electronics Enterprises S. K. Patil, CEO A provider of a wide range of high quality products such as Textile Machines Controller, Digital Torque Controller, Diamond Auto Bruter, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, and Electronic Voltage Regulator, to name a few
TradeXL.com TradeXL.com Nitin Kamboj, Co-Founder India's 1st Glocal trade search engine for B2B market supplying products across diverse segments such as Battery & Storage Devices, AC & Heating Equipment, Electric Fans, Coolers, and more
TSi Power TSi Power Rajesh N Pande, Managing Director Promoters of a revolutionary PWM voltage regulation technology that controls sags, transients, spikes, swells & noises within 20 milliseconds on a real-time basis