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  • 10 Most Promising BFSI Service Providers – 2017

    The projected growth trajectory of India’s banking and finance sectorshows that it will become the fifth largest banking industry in 2020 and the third largest in 2025 according to the KPMG-CII reports. With the recent developments and policy changes in the economic front, the industry which is ‘digitalizing’ its services to easily carry out transactions and communicate with the masses,has geared up for an episode of accelerated growth.Pro-business sentiments, controlled inflation and improved customer confidence will reinforce economic growth which will in turn be reflected in the banking sector which is currently worth Rs.81 trillion. One of the major benefactors of BFSI services of a young economy like India is the MSMEs. With the current business landscape...

10 Most Promising BFSI Service Providers – 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asco Capital Asco Capital Anand Saklecha, Director An individualized, integrated & custom consulting firm that upscales mainly SMEs with sound financial solutions & business strategies
Au Financiers Au Financiers Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director A provider of Financial Services such as Car Loan, Commercial Vehicle Loan, MSME Loan, Construction Finance, SME Loan, Secured Business Loan, Bank, Retail Bank, Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, and Term Deposits
DH Corporation DH Corporation Gerrard Schmid , CEO A global leader in offering financial technology solutions specializing in Collateral Management, Student Lending Program Management, Commercial/Consumer Lending, Mortgage Lending, Loan Servicing, Compliance, Cheques and many other
Essel Finance  Essel Finance Subhash Chandra, Chairman A part of the Essel Group offering a diverse range of products and services such as Investment Banking, PE, NBFC-Business Loans, Equipment Finance, Working Capital, and Business Enhancement in corporate finance and retail sectors
GRUH Finance GRUH Finance Sudhin Choksey, Managing Director Offers loans for all segments of the population including self-employed individuals who do not possess formal income-proof documents to justify the repayment
HDFC Credila HDFC Credila Ajay Bohora, Co-Founder & CEO India’s education loan specialist, covering entire student lifecycle with value adds and customized offering
IMTS IMTS Kushal Shah, Director Provides customized solutions for Health Insurance management and support services to Insurance companies & TPAs with focus on GCC, North Africa and Europe
JK Bima JK Bima Anuraag Kaul, Whole Time Director Distributes insurance to Indian corporates, works as a Reinsurance Broker & distributes crop insurance to Nonloanee farmers
Square Capital Square Capital Indrajit Sidhanta, Deepak Khadelwal & Amit Prakash Singh, Principal Partners India’s first unbiased loan advisor that provides the entire gamut of lending process on a single platform, starting by assisting clients to choose the right product from the appropriate lending organization, till the time, the entire loan is disbursed
WCPL WCPL Arvind Khandelwal & Shashank Agrawal, Directors A professional consultancy company undertaking all range of services related to corporate finance and business management