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  • 10 Most Promising Food & Beverages Processing Companies – 2019

    The food industry in India has grown as a high growth & profit sector due to its huge potential for value addition, mainly due to the food processing industry. Food Processing is considered as major link between agriculture and manufacturing in developing economy like ours where it contributes around nine -10 percent of GDP in agriculture and manufacturing field. On the other hand, the growth of food processing sector would need to be a significant component of the second green revolution, considering its possible role in achieving increased agricultural production by ensuring better remuneration for farmers. Accounting for 32 percent of the country’s total food market, this industry turns to be one of the largest industries in India and ranked fifth with regards to...

10 Most Promising Food & Beverages Processing Companies – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Astha Dairy Farm Astha Dairy Farm Mitesh Patel, Founder & Chairman We believe in giving pure and hence after success of the various infrastructure projects giving pure live, we now want to give a pure life to the society.
Candor Foods Candor Foods Jagdish Mohanlal Gawdi, Founder & Director A food company that excels in offering best-in-class dry fruits, date, nuts and processed foods like nutritional bars, processed nuts, and more while providing complete solutions from sourcing to processing and packaging services
Go Nuts!! Go Nuts!! Ashish Agrawal, Owner A brand of Gold Tree Nuts, the company specializes in processing and packaging high quality dry fruits to encourage healthy living and healthy munching
Hatsun Agro Product Hatsun Agro Product R. G. Chandramogan, Chairman and Managing Director HAP manufactures and markets products that cater to both cooking and consumption, like milk, curd, ice creams, dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder, ghee, paneer and lots more
LT Foods LT Foods Vijay Kumar Arora, Executive Chairman & MD Well known for its flagship brand 'Dawaat', LT Foods has established a strong nationwide distribution network in the domestic market and sells products like branded rice, wheat & pulses, healthy snacks, spices and other value-added products like brown flex seeds and cashew nuts
Niryas Food Products Niryas Food Products Anil Gupta, CEO A premier dairy organization that offers a complete dairy product value chain which includes procurement, processing and selling of milk and milk consumables to all the dairy farmers as well as end consumers
Parag Milk Foods Parag Milk Foods Devendra Shah, Founder One of India's elite private sector dairy company, with a diverse product portfolio that includes ghee, fresh milk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, an array of processed and natural cheese, and many more, all made from 100 percent cow milk
Param Dairy Param Dairy Rajeev Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director One of the leading manufacturers and exporters of milk and milk products like Skimmed Milk Powder, Full Cream Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener, Milk Fat, Paneer, Liquid Milk and Desi Ghee
Sunfresh Agro Industries Sunfresh Agro Industries Sarangdhar R Nirmal, Chairman & Managing Director Leveraging its state-of-the-art plant, cutting edge technology and stringent quality standards to offer a wholesome range of dairy products including milk, dahi, lassi, chaas, paneer, and many more
Tulsi Nuts And Dryfruits Tulsi Nuts And Dryfruits Rashmi Sharma, Owner Tulsi is the largest edible nuts and dry fruits brand in India, offering the widest range of raw and flavored products including almonds, apricots,cashews, dried fruits, dry dates, pista, walnuts, and many more