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  • Healthcare Solution Providers-2016-March.

    Healthcare is one of the basic fundamental requirements for every one. From the Hindu Ayurveda or the Chinese technique of Acupuncture, to the latest technique of Allopathy or the highly advanced laser treatment, the healthcare segment has grown leaps & bounds and has evolved into one of the most technically advanced industry sectors across the world. The Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow at 15 percent CAGR reaching close to $160 billion by 2017, according to a recent research. Unlike other domains, the healthcare domain is a very sensitive segment, where the challenges & risk factors grow in parallel with the technological advances. Setting-up the latest technology infrastructure and being battle-ready to face any critical situations is the only solution to...

Healthcare Solution Providers-2016-March.

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Akhil Systems Akhil Systems Sanjay Jain, Director A provider of HIS specialized in developing management information systems for hospitals, medical colleges, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacy chains.
Avengersoft Avengersoft Sumesh P M, Founder & CEO One of India's leading Healthcare technology companies which develops high quality end-to-end software solutions exclusively for healthcare businesses.
Euradite Consumer Health And Life Care Euradite Consumer Health And Life Care Rohit Kapile, Founder & CEO A FCCAI certified company that develops and supplies high quality healthcare & pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements at resonable rates.
Gestalt Technologies Gestalt Technologies Ganesh Kannurpatti, CEO & MD A specialist in developing Hospital Information Systems, providing end-to-end solutions to small, medium, and large hospitals, along with quality ERP solutions to manufacturing and trading industries.
GlobalSpace Healthcare GlobalSpace Healthcare Dr. Arthur, Co-Founder & CEO A cross border video consultation platform that bridges the gap between the patients across the globe & the specialized doctors of large tertiary care hospitals.
HCG Hospitals HCG Hospitals Dr. Ajaikumar, Chairman India's only healthcare network focusing solely on cancer care and boasts of treating close to 35,000 patients across 20 centers every year.
MDhil MDhil Nandu Madhava, Founder A healthcare technology firm that offers basic healthcare information to Indian consumers through text messages, mobile web browsers, and interactive digital content.
Rakya Technologies Rakya Technologies Chetan Patil, CEO & Founder A healthcare solutions company that delivers high impact, intuitive solutions to its clients to achieve their goals.
S10 Health S10 Health Sridharan Sivan, Founder & CEO A provider of fully integrated healthcare system, technology and processes that increases visibility for the Physician’s practice, while proffering convenience for his health seekers.