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  • 10 Most Promising Interior Decorators - 2017

    Aesthetic appeal is no more the forte of the rich and the resplendent. With growing incomes and lifestyle awareness, social class is merely a word that exists in the newspapers and magazines. Today people are not content with just owning a house. They want to have the modern ulterior look that perfectly complements the nature and style of the owner. Interestingly, these preferences have existed since time immemorial that can still be seen in centuries old monuments spread across the nation. However, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s when interior design took shape as a reformative part of lifestyle. By tweaking the traditional styles and blending it with the modern designs & trends, the Indian Interior Decorating industry now boasts of a commendable position in the design...

10 Most Promising Interior Decorators - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Atticarch Atticarch Priyanka Bhargava, Principal Partner & Marketing & Administrative Head, Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava, Principal Partner & Head Architect Specialized team of architects proffering turn-key solutions from scratch for residential & office spaces
Cutting Edge Design Studio Cutting Edge Design Studio Phanidhar Paturi, Director, Jhansi Paturi, Principal Designer A unique artistic interior designing company crafting fully functional and aesthetically appealing living spaces with passion and creativity
Dream Sketch Dream Sketch Devendran Kasi, Owner A pioneering customer-centric interior designing firm with experienced team providing creative,technologically advanced designs
Joby Joseph Interior Design Joby Joseph Interior Design Joby Joeseph, Owner A proficient team led by an award winning designer delivering high quality &glamorous interior designs with an emphasis on comfort & functionality
Lead Lead Shone Saju, Director A design and architecture firm of young architects creating innovative places & identity and enhance people’s lives through better Architecture & Design.
Regalias Interio Regalias Interio Ramana Murty, Proprietor An ISO 9001:2015 certified & trademark registered full-service interior design & decoration firm that designs your home with commitment to design excellence, responsibility and sustainability
The Studio By Nandita Manwani The Studio By Nandita Manwani Nandita Manwani, Founder A lifestyle interior design firm built on the foundation of trust
Trimit Rachana Trimit Rachana Pradnya Ponkshe, Managing Director With expertise in commercial projects, the company relies on team translating the client's brief into an imaginative blueprint that finally comes to life as a concrete, three dimensional reality