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  • 10 Most Promising LED Lighting Companies - 2019

    As a result of the ever-increasing need for smart, connected lifestyles and energy-efficiency measures, the LED lighting trend is taking the shape of a phenomenon. The lighting industry in India is evolving rapidly due to a shift from conventional lighting products to LEDs. This is obviously driven by the number of government initiatives being sowed for energy conservation, rising consumer awareness for energy-efficient products and innovative products offered by the industry in sync with the mega trend of digitization. Besides, with ‘Smart City’ in its full glory, there is a tectonic shift in technology from electrical to electronics representing significant growth opportunities for organizations offering electronic hardware/components, products and solutions used in LED...

10 Most Promising LED Lighting Companies - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aptro Corp Aptro Corp Deepchand Bondalapati , Founder A lighting solutions company that offers ecofriendly and energy saving commercial lighting solutions.
DigiLED DigiLED Milind Mohikar & Gauri Mohikar, Managing Directors Focuses on LED Lighting and Sign & Display industry to provide LED Control system and EMS & luminaires development service.
Energy Green Energy Green Narendra Thakre , Founder An energy infrastructure & solution provider offering LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Bulbs, Solar Power Plants, Solar Street Lights, and Solar Lanterns.
EST Lights EST Lights Bal Tarakad , Director Provides complete solutions for energy savings to Commercial, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Residential segments.
Eveready Industries India Eveready Industries India Amritanshu Khaitan, Managing Director Principle manufacturer of lighting fixtures & innovative led lighting solutions for both domestic, commercial and industrial lighting.
LEDVANCE India LEDVANCE India Krishan Sujan, Managing Director Avails a wide variety of LED luminaires, advanced LED lamps, intelligent & networked Smart Home & Smart Building solutions and traditional light sources.
Legero Lighting Legero Lighting Sanjeev Bhayana , Founder Develops energy efficient lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial,Outdoor and Residential Sectors.
NEO LED NEO LED Dhiraj Malhotra , CEO Specializes in producing, developing and marketing LED lighting products.
Opple Lighting Opple Lighting Rambo Zang, CEO Expertise revolves around Professional, Consumer, LED, Smart, and Healthcare Lighting solutions.
Uniser Industries Uniser Industries Dhanraj Sheth , CEO Delivers Solar Power, LED Lighting & Smart Automation for a sustainable and energy efficient future.