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  • 10 Most Promising Machine Design Service Providers - 2019

    In the past few years, the technology has grown and changed a lot. The impact of these technologies goes beyond the internet industry and we have seen reign of mobile, introduction of AI, VR, AR, ML, AMP and many more. As impressive as all of this new technology has been, where we really see and feel huge changes is machine designing trends. The global machine tools market was worth US$ 106 Billion in 2018. Looking forward, the market is forecast to reach a value of US$ 150 Billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of around 6 percent during 2019 - 2024. Moreover, the industrial design market is dominated by market trends with regard to the ecological reasonability of varied manufacturing advancement just as the utilization of environmentally friendly, sustainable power sources in the...

10 Most Promising Machine Design Service Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ADAMS ADAMS Nelson, Founder Avails Design services that include Automation systems , Automated workstation Automated welding cell Automated fixture for welding, matching and Automated assembly units.
Alphard Engineering Solutions Alphard Engineering Solutions Shridhar Pise, Managing Director Offers new product communization, Virtual validation (CAE), SPM equipment, reverse engineering, new product development, and casting simulation.
Analogy Design Analogy Design Vyasateja Rao , Founder Facilitates industrial design, product development, branding and identity, UI/UX/IOT/Mob/APPs, product Design, graphic design, and design for IOT.
Autoline Industries Autoline Industries Vilas Lande , Co-Founder Delivers product design & development, product enhancement & styling, validation, testing, and tools for manufacturing of prototypes and mass manufacturing.
CADSOL CADSOL Rohit Shintre, Director Specializes in CAD automation, CAD customization, product design and knowledge based engineering.
Creative Synergies Group Creative Synergies Group Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, Founder & CEO Focuses on Digital Integrated Product Development & Plant Engineering through a convergence of mechanical, embedded and software technologies.
DesignTech Systems DesignTech Systems Vikas Khanvelkar , Managing Director Provides end-to-end product design & development services that cover concept development, 3D Modelling & validation, product design analysis and simulation.
TEQZO Consulting TEQZO Consulting Bindu Shanavas , COO & Director Specializes in industrial design & product design, product development, and manufacturing.
Xitadel Xitadel Prakash Krish Krishnaswamy, Founder Builds capabilities around Thermo Analytics, CAE Process Automation, Light Weight Materials, CAE Services, and CAE Training.
YSC Engineering Services YSC Engineering Services Manoj Jacob, Operations Manger A provider of design, detail engineering, project management & procurement assistance for turnkey projects involving storage tanks, pressure vessels, and Heat exchangers.