• Greenargy Corporation: The Untold Story Of India's Earliest Adopters Of Green Energy In The Open Access Market
  • 10 Most Promising Renewable Energy Companies - 2021

    It is expected that the worldwide size of the Renewable Energy market will be 1,129,740 million dollars by 2027, compared with 61,1377 million dollars by 2020 at a CAGR of 9.1% during 2021-2027. India's current status as the lowest-cost solar power generator illustrates the country's transition to renewable energy in the worldwide land-scape of renewable energy conversion, with the country engaged in using clean fuel to promote carbon reduction and climate change. As India is a rising economy, the power consumption of the years ahead has to increase. There is a demand for an alternative manner of energy generation to reconcile economic expansion and ecological environments. In the development of job and economic stability, it also predicted huge advantages in addition to the...

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