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  • 10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2018

    As no two people are the same, the perception of buying on retail also varies drastically for consumers in not only in India but on a global as well. Retail market is flooded with high end brands constantly innovating to suite the consumers’ needs and sometimes, luxury. It is therefore, not easy to comprehend the ideation and requirements of the target audience and this is where retail consultants enter the arena and successfully hits the bulls eye with their fine understanding of the customers’ psychology and contemporary market. Through their advise and help, companies end up saving millions of dollars by choosing the right strategy and the product that will be well received among the masses. From the domestic grounds to the international scale, these retail consultants...

10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bain & Company Bain & Company Sri Rajan, Chariman One of the world's leading management consulting firms that works with top executives to help them make better decisions and deliver the sustainable success they desire
BMGI India  BMGI India Naresh N Shahani, Founder & MD Equipped with extensive knowledge of emerging markets in retail industry, its Retail Strategy Consulting services assists clients in addressing their strategic challenges and enabling them to discover value in their business
Brandtrotter Brandtrotter Rajiv Frank, Founder & Director Team of seasoned, dedicated and highly qualified Franchise Consultants involved in combining old world knowledge with new age techniques, channel management, pan India launch of new products, corporate and institutional sales, powered with 360° marketing insight
Hesol Consulting Hesol Consulting Alvis Lazarus, CEO Offering consulting and services in the field of supply chain & logistics, this management consulting firm helps clients achieve a strategic position of vantage in the current competitive business environment and thereby achieve an edge over competition
Kanvic Consulting Kanvic Consulting Deepak Sharma, Co-founder & Director A pioneering management consulting firm collaborating with visionary leaders on their most critical strategic issues to achieve outsized business impact
Pro TEAM Solutions Pro TEAM Solutions Jayaram D R, Founder & CEO A management consulting company that specializes in outsourcing and audit services in showroom audit, compliance audit, fixed asset audit and warehouse audit to retailers across the country
Roma Ventures Roma Ventures Gopal K. Rathor, Director A firm specializing in helping brands find the right retail space for stores/outlets across cities in North and Central India
Third Eyesight Third Eyesight Devangshu Dutta, CEO Focussed on the retail and consumer products ecosystem, this consulting firm works with retailers (including e-tailers), brands & manufacturers, service organisations and suppliers of retail sector and consumer goods supply chain.
Vector Consulting Group Vector Consulting Group Kiran Kothekar, Founding Director Being an implementation-focused consulting firm with a unique risk sharing model of consulting, Vector uses the solutions and framework of Theory of Constraints to build capabilities in supply chain and operations for its clients
Wazir Advisors  Wazir Advisors Baqar Iftikhar Naqvi, Business Director Powered by deep understanding of retail segment and extensive insights, the firm puts the consumer at the center of the decision making process and brings a unique outside-in perspective, imperative for success in a hyper competitive market