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  • 10 Most Promising Telecom Service Provider – 2017

    For years, many telecom organizations were warned against the ice berg of destruction that the industry was predicted to collide into. Despite relative slowdowns, customers continue to use network solutions and telecom industry always finds an avenue to not only feed this hunger but leverage for a better industrial future. After all, what industry would fancy a breakdown? The competition for networks is unruly and they need state of art infrastructure, smooth network funnels and an all-round maintenance to ensure that the network requirement never goes down.  Telecom solution providers streamline their services and help them focus on their core operations rather than spent time on mundane tasks. Several disruptions like IoT integration, mobility, security and many other...

10 Most Promising Telecom Service Provider – 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
9g Telesolution 9g Telesolution Bhanuprakash, Director A unique organisation, 9G Telesolutions offers telecom vendors and operators a host teleom services encompassing all aspects of telecom buildup
Adacell Technologies Adacell Technologies Rahul Sahdev, Director One of the long standing organisation offering premium solutions like expertise on Cellular Network Planning, Optimization, Operation & Maintenance and Project Management on GSM to the Telecom providers in India
Adino Telecom Adino Telecom Vijay Mansukhani, Chairman A firm incorporated to provide quality solutions for the increasing demand of telecommunication services in India, now providing expertise business solutions comprising of System Integration, Storage Solutions, Networking Solutions, Two Way Radio Solutios & LED Lighting Solutions
Edge Telecom Edge Telecom Neha, BDM The company provides solutions, and professional services like installation, Commissioning, Testing of SDH Equipment, primarily for telecommunications operators and large enterprises telecom services
Origin To Future Consultancy Origin To Future Consultancy Ravi, Director Origin to Future is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services that strategically harness the power of Information and Engineering Technology to help customers maximize their business value in the new economy
Power Link Power Link V. Sankaranarayanan, CEO The company works tirelessly to provide a comprehensive telecom maintenance and solutions like fibre network, rehabilitation of broadband network along with many more while handling passive equipment through warranty and ensuring their annual maintenance
Sumit Infra Service Sumit Infra Service Ganesh Patil, CEO, CEO Sumit Services is focused on providing reliable Operations and Management Services for both Active and Passive components of the Cellular Network and specializes in providing these solutions on a fixed cost basis
Unicel Corporation Unicel Corporation Piyush Dixit, M.D Unicel is a renowned service provider for undertaking a complete BTS Installation accessories projects for diverse telecom networks to meet the diverse needs based on ECP and TSP model
V.R Power Equipments V.R Power Equipments Mukesh Rastogi, Director The company serves customers with innovative and technologically advanced power products & reliable services diversified into Telecom Operation & Maintenance