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  • 10 Most Promising Textile Machinery Manufacturers – 2018

    The fashion and apparel industry is growing to be one of the major sectors in the world. With an annual turnover of billions of dollars, apparel industry is the major kingpin of the global economy and the intensity of its growth is just getting started. However, the apparel industry, like any other sector, depends upon certain back industries and here, the textile manufacturing machine industry takes the cake of being the backbone of this global phenomena. India is the second largest textile industry after China and holds a diverse figurine with its expertise in fibre manufacturing, spinning, weaving, knitting, processing and garmenting. This can very well propel the market to be a part of the global conclave of a $20 billion industry, joining the ranks of Italy, Germany, Switzerland,...

10 Most Promising Textile Machinery Manufacturers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ATE Textile Solutions ATE Textile Solutions Anuj Bhagwati, Head The company provides a wide range of textile machinery and accessories across the textile value chain along with a comprehensive range of utilities.
Fabcare Fabcare Abhinav Arya, Director The organisation is engaged in manufacturing of Washer Extractor, Dry Cleaning Machine, Thread Sucking Machine, and many others, that are in lieu with the textile structure and fabric tecture
HSN Machinery HSN Machinery Harshit Kakkar, CEO Supplier of world-class textile waste recycling machines with after sales service & material warranty
Jutex Jutex R. C. Singha, Owner The organisation manufactures Mill Machinery such as First Drawing Machine (Fine Side), First Drawing Machine and many others while ensuring high end quality for jute based textiles
Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery T.R Parasuraman, Managing Director One of the biggest names in the industry, the organisation works at blending the art of traditional textile care and modern machineries for a highly equipped textile machines for the consumer
Nuva Machine Works India Nuva Machine Works India Sriram Kannan, Managing Director Nuva Machine Works India Private Limited (NMWIPL) is a technically innovative and professionally managed engineering company specialized in designing,
Sagar Manaufacturers Sagar Manaufacturers Sudhir Kumar Agarwal,, Chairman Manufacturing latest generation spinning mill having the ideal combination of machinery set up from leading brands of world, like, with value addition and forward integration
SMEW SMEW Vinod Nagarsheth, Founder Backed by the legacy of industrial minds of 300 years, the organisation is one of the pioneer industrial members focusing on creating machineries that would propel the Indian textile market to greater heights
Voltas Voltas Palani Samy, Managing Director Creating sustainable models of spinning machineries while adhering to productivity, quality and juducious deployment of resources