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  • 10 Most Promising Water Management Companies - 2022

    Water is a renewable, but finite resource. The hydrological cycle the succession of stages through which water passes from the atmosphere to the earth and returns to the atmosphere ensures there is enough amount of water on the earth. India has about 18 percent of the world’s population, and only four percent of the world’s water resources. It is severely water stressed, thereby making water management a national priority. A major fresh water crisis has unfolded in India. The crisis is the lack of access to safe water supply to millions of people as a result of inadequate water management and environmental degradation. This crisis is slowly undermining the economic and social prosperity of the country. The fresh water crises are already evident in many parts of India,...

10 Most Promising Water Management Companies - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech Anuj Bhagwati,Managing Director The company is committed to deliver comprehensive and differentiating global technologies in the field of water, waste water, and sludge treatment
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Advent Envirocare Technology Advent Envirocare Technology Soham Mehta, Founder & Managing Director Offers a wide range of water treatment services that include effluent treatment plants, common effluent treatment plants, and effluent recycling systems
GE Water GE Water Mahesh Palashikar, President The company works across some of the most important sectors of the economy aviation, power, renewable energy and healthcare
Hindustan Dorr Oliver Hindustan Dorr Oliver S. C. Sekaran, Executive Director The company provides a wide range of solutions like water recycling and reclamation, wastewater treatment, and sewage treatment plants
Siemens India Siemens India Sunil Mathur, CEO & Managing Director The company offers services including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, and drinking water treatment
Telemachus High Tech Telemachus High Tech Rajesh Ramlal Pandey, CEO One of the leading water management companies that not only provides high end water treatment and hazardous waste disposal solutions but also makes sure the whole project gets done at a minimal cost
Thermax India Thermax India Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson One-stop utility partner to both industrial and commercial segments, helping customers achieve better resource productivity and bottom lines while maintaining a better environment
VA Tech Wabag VA Tech Wabag Rajiv Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director It is one of the professionally managed Indian multinational world's leading companies in water treatment space
Voltas Voltas Pradeep Bakshi, CEO & Managing Director Focused mainly on the effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, zero liquid discharge plant, and water treatment plant
YWT India YWT India Sumit Patil, CEO It is an ISO-45001:2018 & ISO-9001:2015 certified company, laying its expertise in providing unique industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions