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  • 10 Most Promising Water Proofing Companies - 2022

    The growth of infrastructural, residential and commercial construction sectors, have propelled the waterproofing market. In India this trend became popular by the last decade, as the growing population of upper middle class in the country started to make their homes attractive and luxurious as much as possible. This urged them to invest more on protection of their houses. Another major reason for this growing graph of waterproofing market in India is the investment in the infrastructure of the country. The growth of IT and tech parks in various parts of the country, leads to the other infrastructural development associated with it, has added to the growth of the sector. The water proofing market sector witnessed a number of innovations in the past few years. Innovations in...

10 Most Promising Water Proofing Companies - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Antrix Construction Antrix Construction Nishant Bafna, Managing Director Specialized construction services, covering waterproofing, structural retrofitting expansion joint treatments, and PU epoxy flooring system
Aquaseal Aquaseal Nakhul Jagannath & Manish Prakash Bhavnani, Founders Offers solutions, based on a number of factors such as the type of area to be treated, size of the work to be carried-out, usage of the area and other factors
Berger Water Proofing Berger Water Proofing Abhijit Roy, MD & CEO The company has a 95+ years of experience in the paint and waterproofing solutions field and offers a wide range of home shield products to protect home walls, tiles and bathrooms from water leakage
Dr. Fixit Dr. Fixit Madhukar Balvantray Parekh, Chairman Offers an comprehensive system solutions for waterproofing a new home or repairing an existing one
Electric Media Research And Development Electric Media Research And Development Mihir Kirti Girish Akolkar, Founder Indian R&D firm that specializes in providing scientific solutions to engineering challenges globally
Fosroc Chemicals India Fosroc Chemicals India Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President A globally recognized waterproofing company whose entire protocol is based on quality which offers sterling, complete waterproofing solutions from the basement to roof of a building structure
Leakproof Leakproof Arun Prakash, Founder One of the leading waterproofing contractors and service providers, provides sealing solutions to the process industry all over the world
LeakSeal (India) LeakSeal (India) Rashid Chauhan, Director A pioneer waterproofing, civil repair and rehabilitation solutions delivering quality-oriented results with commitment & competence
Protekto India Protekto India Mridul Goyal, Director An exclusive distributors & applicators for the products and systems of silicon-based waterproofing, and the company provides protective coating systems
SNP Technologies SNP Technologies Sandeep Chaudhry, Founder & MD Provides waterproofing services for both preventive and curative treatments for all types of buildings right from terraces, balconies, kitchen, wet areas, bathrooms and many