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  • 10 Most Promising Water Purifier Companies – 2018

    A recent study by ‘WaterAid’ reveals that an alarming 80 percent of surface water is polluted and the outrageous fact is that the untreated sewerage flowing into water bodies like rivers have almost doubled in the recent years. A key source of water pollution, untreated sewage is the bane of the solution and as India traverses this downward spiral, a light at the end of the tunnel are that cutting edge technologies and people driven with an innate mission to provide clean drinking water are on the rise. Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet purification (UV), Ultra Filtration (UF), Candle Filter, Activated Carbon filter are some of the widely used purification technologies today and RO is the most commonly used method which uses membrane technology to remove dissolved...

10 Most Promising Water Purifier Companies – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amirth Aqua Technologies Amirth Aqua Technologies R.C. Khurmi, MD Proffering high-quality RO Systems, along with a rwide range of products that include Domestic RO Purifier, Institutional RO System, Industrial RO Plants and many more
AquaFresh Capita AquaFresh Capita Sarath, Deputy General Manager Delivering best-in-class household, commercial and industrial water purifying, treatment systems, and other water treatment components
Aquapot Aquapot B.M. Balakrishna, Founder Offering quality, reliable, innovative and cost-effective water purifying services and customized solutions as per clients’ requirements for domestic & commercial needs
Conway Water Purifier Conway Water Purifier S. Ravi Chandran, Managing Director One-year old startup providing the best customized water purifier along with cooler/dispenser depending on the water quality of the area
KENT RO Systems KENT RO Systems Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director Equipped with its vast technological expertise, the company offers a wide range of products which include water purifiers, air purifiers, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, and many others
L'eauPure Water Solutions L'eauPure Water Solutions Siddanagouda Neelagiri, Sales & Marketing Manager Sole manufacturer of water-purifier systems with pH & TDS (total dissolved solids) modulators in a single water-purifying unit in India, also proffering water-softeners and enzyme-based water treatments for commercial & domestic utilities
Pentapure RO Systems Pentapure RO Systems Ganga Reddy, Founder & MD, T.N. Chandan, Technical Director The single largest company in Karnataka having the highest number of installations in the state's rural areas to provide pure & safe drinking water through its technologically advanced water purifiers at a reasonable price
Propure Technologies Propure Technologies Srinath Reddy, Proprietor Focusing on residential & commercial segments, the company manufactures a wide range of water purification products for both home and industrial purposes
RO Service India RO Service India Paras Jaiswal, Director Offering monthly bulk AMC & timely tank cleaning services for a complete range of RO purifiers to ensure that customers drink clean & pure water