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  • 20 Most Promising Waterproofing Companies – 2018

    The quintessential ‘tip-tip’ of the leaking water and unsightly marks of water seepage has often been revered as the ongoing problem of every household. Water seepage not only distorts the aesthetic appeal of the property but propagates the breeding of undesirable pathogens that give rise to a pungent atmosphere and diseases that can impact the residents quite adversely. Waterproofing has been a solution for many centuries but is now taking a technical twist to ensure not a resolve but also an automated processing that would be the backbone of the repaired structure. From sealants to adhesives, from grouting and water repelling, water proofing can take several versions while keeping in mind to keep the nature of the property intact and pristine as before the service....

20 Most Promising Waterproofing Companies – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AK Waterproofing Company AK Waterproofing Company Asif Khan, Founder Proficient service provider of Slabs,Grouting and Building & Construction offering instrumental assistance in building and construction services
All India Waterproofing Company All India Waterproofing Company Sajjad Gour, Managing Director One of the reputed and registered waterproofing companyspecialising in the use of cement based waterproofing treatment and chemical treatment
Angel Waterproofing Company Angel Waterproofing Company Rajesh, Director The company helps clients achieve a holistic service through its one stop solution provision comprising of Waterproofing Services, Waterproof Plaster and many others
Atlantis Engineers Atlantis Engineers Anuj Hamilton & Rahul Kothari, Co-Founders Endeavors to devise and deliver best quality & cost-effective sustainable waterproofing solutions in minimum time coupled with ongoing innovation
Chaudhary Waterproofing Company Chaudhary Waterproofing Company A. A. Chaudhary, Proprietor The organisation undertakes repair of the affected areas via in depth technical analysis with cost efficient approach
Dr. Fixit Dr. Fixit Madhukar Balvantray Parekh, Chairman Dr.Fixit offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or Repairing an existing one. The product range includes wide variety of new construction and repair waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas
Fosroc Chemicals India Fosroc Chemicals India Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President A globally recognized waterproofing company whose entire protocol is based on quality which offers sterling, complete waterproofing solutions from the basement to roof of a building structure
Garg Waterproofing Company Garg Waterproofing Company Sunil Garg, Owner Promoted and managed by dedicated professionals having vast experience in the field of different types of cement based water proof systems using acrylic based polymer
Jireh Technologies Jireh Technologies Joy Titus, CEO An award-winning company instilled with highly experienced team, specializes in offering world-class waterproofing treatments for hoary structures with quality, on-time delivery assurance, and warranty
Leakproof Leakproof Arun Prakash, Owner One of the leading waterproofing contractor and service providers specialising in diagnosis and treatment with the help of special machines for injection grouting
LeakSeal (India) LeakSeal (India) Rashid Chauhan, Director A pioneer of waterproofing, civil repair and rehabilitation solutions delivering quality-oriented results with commitment & competence
Oasis Waterproofing Company Oasis Waterproofing Company Maqsood Ahmed, CEO The company offers structural repairing and waterproofing work while engaging in a varied range of civil repairing & waterproofing work, namely Structural repair, carbon wrapping, Glass fiber wrapping, Coating, Stamped concrete, Pavers and others
Priba Waterproofing System Priba Waterproofing System Shital Udani, Founder Offering Acrylic Polymer-based waterproofing solutions possessing toughness, water resistance, solar reflective, elastics, elastomeric and overall durability
Proexcel Construction Technology Proexcel Construction Technology Vinayak Joshi, Director Offering meticulous processing and adhesives, water repellents and many other products to help customers defunct the pertaining leakage problems
Protekto India Protekto India Mridul Goyal & Sameer Joshi, Directors An exclusive distributor & applicator for products and systems of silicon-based waterproofing system, the company provides waterproofing & protective coating systems
Sahara Waterproofing Company Sahara Waterproofing Company Suhail Khan, CEO A long standing member of the industry offer stellar waterproofing services while offering quality products
STP STP Hasan Rizvi, Vice President In existence since the pre-independence era, the company is a pioneer in offering industrial chemicals and services with respect to waterproofing and is on a constant quest of innovation to increase the foothold in the market
Total Waterproofing Company Total Waterproofing Company Sernando Bacosta, Owner The company's effective waterproofing techniques stand the test of time where all the major and minor defects in construction leading to leakage are undertaken holistically
Vishwas India Waterproofing Company Vishwas India Waterproofing Company Rajesh Raj, Director Offering efficient application of high performance construction chemicals while rendering these services making use of supreme quality material, sourced from the trusted vendors of the industry